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Re: Spring 2013

Greetings Thom, Yes, I am very much alive and kicking. The garden is blooming and the trains have been running since the end of March. I had two track joiner
May 28, 2013

Re: Spring 2013

Hello Jeffrey, It's nice to read that you're still alive and kicking. I suspect that, by now, the ponds are melted and you've had time to make more progress on
May 27, 2013

Re: Re : [VECRR] Spring 2013

Hi Jeff! Looking fwd to seeing you when you come here! Indeed I'm still involved with Z scale, still (very) slowly working on a small layout depicting SW of
de Champeaux Dominique
Apr 14, 2013

Re: Re : [VECRR] Spring 2013

Hello Dom Good to hear from you. I promise to get in touch before my next trip to Europe (which is planned for 2014 if things go as planned). Any Z projects?
Apr 11, 2013

Re: www.Val-Ease-Central.com up and running

Hi Gavin, faithful fellow Valeasian :-) No, the Tokyo trip never happened although I came close to making a firm committment to Hiroshi Kato back in 2008, I
Apr 11, 2013

Re: www.Val-Ease-Central.com

Good evening, Mister Dave. Do you know that you are the Eddie Murphy of Z-scale? the most highly decorated of us all, probably of us all put together :-)
Apr 11, 2013

Re : [VECRR] Spring 2013

Hi Jeff, good to read you! No more Z scale projects in the future? Dom
de Champeaux Dominique
Apr 11, 2013

Re: www.Val-Ease-Central.com up and running

Hi. It is certainly nice to hear from you and good to know things are going well. Greetings again from Singapore. I wonder if you ever made your trip to the
Gavin Hall
Apr 9, 2013


Jeffrey, As always you have done an exemplary job of chronicling your adventures through and around our Z World and   also all aspects of the entire model
David George
Apr 9, 2013

www.Val-Ease-Central.com up and running

Greetings fellow Valeasians, After changing my FTP programme last Friday night, I was able to greatly accelerate the transfer of my web pages to the new ISP
Apr 8, 2013

Re: Spring 2013

Good to hear from you ... and a Happy Spring. -- *...don a * * **- Northern Ohio, USA*
Don Avila
Apr 7, 2013

Re: Spring 2013

Keep it going Jeffrey! You are an inspiration to us all. I may even get the new house done and get to my railroad empire some time soon. :-) Manfred
Apr 7, 2013

Spring 2013

Greetings! The maple sap is running here in Gatineau, Quebec...sign that there is new energy about to emerge in our gardens... which has probably motivated me
Apr 5, 2013

KvSB update

Good evening, fellow Valeasians, Over the past few weeks I have been mainly busy with the garden railroad but I nevertheless have spent a bit of time on the
Nov 4, 2011

Re: UPDATE! Working on two railroads!

Good morning fellow Valeasians, fellow KvSBers, fellow Gardenvillagers: Just a little update on progress on the indoor and the outdoor layouts. **KvSB I have
Oct 16, 2011
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