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Draft Minutes for June 16th 2913

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  • Charles S. Neal, III
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2013



      SUNDAY JUNE 16, 2013 @ 7PM


      The meeting was called to order by the National President, Rupel Marshall, followed by him making welcome remarks. Opening prayer was led by Zoe Wilson.


      Roll Call:

      Rupel Marshall  --National President

      Naomi Capehart-- Harmon - Vice President

      Zoe Kamara- Wilson - Secretary

      Marie Browne- National -Treasure

      Tonia Duncan- Lathrobe- Rhode Island President Emeritus

      Martha Moore - National President Emeritus


      Non Executive Member:

      Mr. Ade Marshall


      Proposed Agenda:

      Call to Order

      Opening Prayer

      Roll Call

      Highlights from the last monthly minutes

      Actions on Signature Change on Account

      Convention Matters

      Update from Pennsylvania Chapter

      Update from National

      Theme suggestion for upcoming convention: Us-Virginia-Now

      Proposed Topics to discuss at Convention

      Amendment to Constitution

      Policy on Contact Group

      Financial Polices


      Change of Convention Time

      Benefit Package

      Other Business

      Closing Prayer



      The Proposed agenda from the last minutes was adopted and opened for corrections. Citizen Marie Browne motioned to adopt the agenda, seconded by Citizen Zoe Wilson.



      Highlights from the last minutes were read by the Secretary Zoe Wilson. The President stated that he had several corrections to the minutes. He reported that 1,000 raffle tickets were sent to Rhode Island; Pennsylvania was sent 240 raffle tickets; Maryland was sent 240 to Zoe Wilson and the remainder is with him. He encouraged Chapter heads to sell the tickets to their co-workers and friends. The President also said that he had more tickets for chapters interested in wanting more. The President also encouraged members to deposit their raffle ticket money in the Bank of America account, keep their receipt and bring it to the convention.


      The President also asked the members on the line if they can recall which members donated the 3rd prize of $ 100 and 4th prize of $50 dollars. Citizen Naomi Harmon reported that at the April meeting, the president proposed that the National Officials would donate the prizes but didn't get a response from the secretary and treasurer.  Mrs.. Harmon also recalled that the President and Vice President would donate the $150, the Secretary would donate the $ 100 and the Treasurer, $50.00. The Secretary and Treasurer said they were not informed of the donation so the President said if the Secretary and Treasurer can't donate the prizes the money will have to come out of the national account.


      Citizen Marie Browne stated that we spend $500 (five hundred dollars) in GA and $350 (three hundred and fifty-dollars) in Maryland and we have not seen the video tapes. She also stated that if we are going to spend all this money the national need to be vigilant to collect the video. She also said that it was Mrs. Oretha Simpson and not Rebecca Simpson. The amount given her was $160, she used $35.00 to buy a plaque for Mrs. Simpson and $125 was put back in the National bank account. She also stated that the monthly bank statement will come to the P.O. Box monthly and asked the secretary to check the P.O. Box monthly for the statement.


      Citizen Marie Browne motioned to accept the minutes as corrected. The motion was seconded by Citizen Naomi Harmon.



      The President reported that he visited the bank and collected the documents needed to change the signatures on the account. He reported that one of the names on the account could take the notarized documents to the bank and make the changes. The treasurer, Citizen Marie Browne recommended that the out-going secretary print out the minutes, sign it and sent to her so she can have it on hand just in case the bank ask for the minutes. Citizen Naomi Harmon said she completed the minutes from the last convention and sent it to Charles Neal III to be distributed by email.



      The chairman for the PA convention planning, Citizen Jemina Peal was absent from the executive meeting as well as the local president, Citizen Victoria Washington. The National President, Citizen Marshall asked the national vice president, Citizen Naomi Harmon, of the PA chapter, who is also National Chairperson on planning, to get various organizations names to invite them to our social functions. Ms. Harmon stated that she didn't have or know most of the organizations in PA. Citizen Marie Browne told her to just send in any names of organization she knows about, to which Citizen Harmon said she will try. The president said he will try to discuss this matter with the PA president, Victoria Washington and Patricia Worjroh on what we had discussed.


      The president said he spoke to one of the prospective preachers, Adolphus Summerville, but did not get to Bishop Snorton nor the chaplain. Citizen Marshall told the chaplain to wait until he hears from Bishop Snorton and Rev. Summerville.


      Citizen Harmon asked if we will be paying the preacher to speak to us. The president said he will ask the preacher for pro-bono service. Citizen Harmon asked why a preacher in the local community wasn't being targeted, but the president said calls for local suggestions to be forwarded to the secretary and the president had not been responded to. The president then asked the PA chapter members to send their suggestions for a local preacher to Michael Moulton in Georgia.



      The president said the PA chapter sent for 240 additional raffle tickets for a total of 480 tickets sent to the local president.


      Georgia chapter sent in $300 for raffle tickets sold. The president continued to encourage members to sell their tickets and make deposits and bring their deposit slip to the August 10-12 Convention for accountability.


      Citizen Marie Browne said event the registration tickets should be deposited in the bank because it is very difficult to deal with checks and money during the convention.



      The president said no one had sent suggestions for a convention theme so he suggested, Up Virginia-Virginia Now. Citizen Martha Moore said if no one sends other suggestions by July 1st, we should proceed with this theme.



      The president asked the body for topics to be discussed at the convention, adding, if the constitution committee had done any work, it should be distributed to other chapters before the convention.



      Policy on the contact group in Liberia was discussed, and the president said the contact group in Liberia should send out their budget and projects. Citizen Harmon said the projects should be a high priority for the organization, particularly, the recreation center.


      But the president said finding land to buy for the center has proven to be a challenge. He would like to have the commissioner attend the annual convention to explain why finding land to purchase is so difficult. Mr. Marshall said the commissioner stated she would need approval from Internal Affairs in Liberia and President Sirleaf to attend the convention.


      Citizen Marie Browne said when she visited the commissioner's office to discuss the land issue, she found out from the commissioner that people are re-selling and re-selling the same land. The commissioner showed her a deed for the land that was being targeted for the recreation center and town hall, and that deed showed the name of Citizen Naomi Harmon and her brother -- signatures on the land that was sold.


      Citizen responded that she had no clue about what Citizen Browne was talking about because she had been in America and had not signed any deed to sign land.



      The Georgia chapter suggested a change in the convention time in order to attract young people who would be in school, but the president said that decision has to be taken at the convention.



      The president asked Citizen Harmon to talk to the PA chapter about the activities at the convention and the progress being made.


       The president said several changes have been implemented at his office, which prohibits him from doing the organization's work, and he now has to travel to the library for computer and internet access.


      Citizen Zoe Wilson asked for clarification on the number of years the Virginia Association has been organized, to which, Citizen Martha Moore said we have always celebrated "anniversary" and not convention. In that case, this makes the 10th year anniversary for the association. The executive committee agreed to the 10-year anniversary.


      Citizen Browne gave her new email as mariebrownestella@....


      Citizen Moore reported on raffle ticket and queens, saying, the tickets were distributed at a local meeting and a queen was selected.


      The meeting was adjourned at 9:37 p.m. with closing prayer by Citizen Tonia Duncan-Lathrobe.


      Respectfully submitted,


      Zoe Wilson




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