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VAOLA Executive Meeting 05-26-2013

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  • Charles S. Neal, III
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2013




      SUNDAY May 26, 2013 @ 8:10 p.m.

      The meeting was called to order by the National President, Rupel Marshall, followed by him making welcome remarks. Victoria Washington said the opening prayer.


      Roll Call: The eight members in attendance were:

      Rupel Marshall – National President

      Zoe Wilson – National Secretary

      Marie Browne – National Treasurer

      Charles Neal III – Oklahoma Chapter President

      Victoria Washington - Pennsylvania Chapter President

      Ealine Johnson – Georgia Chapter President

      Martha Moore – President Emeritus

      Patricia Worjroh – Pennsylvania Chapter


      Proposed Agenda:

      Call to Order

      Welcome Remarks


      Roll Call

      Highlights from the Minutes

      Approval of the Minutes

      Matters Arising from the Minutes

      Convention Matters

         Report on Planning by Host Chapter

         Raffle Tickets sale by Chapters

         Ball Tickets and Registration by Chapters


         Guest Speaker


      Other Business

      Closing Prayer



      The agenda was unanimously adopted after the treasurer requested that the financial report be added to the agenda because she didn't receive the last minutes to include in her report.


      Highlights from the Minutes:

      Due to the fact that the minutes from the last meeting were incomplete; efforts were made to recall which members donated the prizes for the raffle. Charles Neal said he remembered that Chris Brooks donated a Dell Laptop, and Rupel Marshall and Naomi Harmon donated the $150 2nd prize jointly. We are still trying to figure out who donated the 3rd prize of $100 and the 4th prize of $50. Please let us know who you are one of the generous donors and which prize you donated.


      On financial reports, the president suggested that all financial reports cover a full month of activities. The reports should also be reconciled with bank statement.

      The treasurer requested that she be notified every time funds are deposited or withdrawn from the Association’s bank account. She added that all withdrawals and/or deposit must be reported to the treasurer within 2 (two) days of the transaction. She said these actions will result in accurate record keeping.


      Victoria Washington asked if it was possible for anyone to withdraw money from the account without the treasure knowing. The President gave an emphatic “NO” response to her question.


      Patricia Worjroh suggested that we make quarterly financial reports instead of monthly reports. The treasurer said she prefers making monthly reports. The President added that the question of a quarterly report is constitutional, therefore it still stands.


      It was brought to the attention of the body that before the treasurer left for Liberia; she signed four blanks checks and left them with the President. The President said although that happened under extenuating circumstances; it is still a bad business practice and should not be repeated.


      It was also decided by the executive committee that the following changes be made on the bank accounts: Remove the names of Naomi Capehart-Harmon and Patricia Worjroh and replace them with Rupel E. Marshall, Sr., National President and Zoe Wilson, National Secretary. The name of Marie Browne, our past President who is presently our National Treasurer, remains on the accounts. When this is completed, Rupel E. Marshall, Sr., Zoe Kamara Wilson and Marie Browne will the current authorized signers.


      The treasurer informed the body that she did a change of address and the bank statements should now be going to the association’s post office box in Frederick, Maryland.


      Approval of the Minutes: The minutes were not approved due to the fact that the minutes from the last meeting were incomplete. The secretary said she will try to complete the minutes and send them out in the interim. Hopefully, they will be approved during the next meeting.


      Report on planning from host chapter:

      The Budget for convention unanimously was approved by the committee.

       The host chapter reported that the hall for the banquet is already secured and the Friday opening meeting will be held at the home of Julius and Naomi Harmon.


      The convention committee also informed us that plans were underway to secure a place for the Sunday service but a letter was needed from the national to be sent to the church. Because time is far spent, the president asked the local chapter to write and send the letter.


      The president also requested that the itinerary for the National Convention be available at the next meeting. In addition, the president suggested that the drinks should be purchased ahead of time and turned over to the national at the start of the convention.


      Raffle Tickets sale by Chapters:

      The President informed us that 5,000 (five thousand) raffle tickets were printed and each chapter was given 1,000 (one thousand) tickets. The president encouraged chapters to reach out to friends and co-workers to sell the tickets and attend the convention.


      Oklahoma – Charles Neal reported that they have $280 worth of tickets out. $95 has been collected and they still need to collect $185 owed. He said they will do their best to sell as many tickets as they can.

      Maryland: Zoe said that they will deposit their receipts from their raffle tickets sales by the end of May. Rupel said he sold $300 worth of tickets and has already deposited the money in the association’s account.


      Pennsylvania: Victoria reported that only a few members took tickets for sale. Victoria said Naomi Harmon is aggressively pushing both the raffle and ball tickets. Patricia Worjroh said she hopes to have a better report on the sale of tickets at the next meeting.


      Georgia: Ealine Johnson, Georgia president said they sold $175 worth of tickets. Michael Moulton sold $100 worth. She also reached out to other local organizations to sell tickets.


      Rhode Island: Martha reported that they have not sold many tickets because most of their members, who are also members of VAOLA, were involved in their church program.


      Report on convention souvenirs

      Patricia Worjroh reported that white polo shirts were chosen for this year’s souvenir. She said, the convention committee agreed to purchase 100 (one hundred) white polo shirts for $5 (five dollars) each. She added that they were still deciding what to write on the polo shirts. The President reminded convention committee that it was imperative that they stay within the $600 (six hundred dollars) budget appropriated for the Polo shirts. 


      Report on Guest Preacher: The President suggested the names of Bishop J. E. Snorton and Dr. Summerville from Minnesota. The president also asked members to suggest names of a preacher for Sunday service. Victoria reminded the President that the Chaplain’s office was in charge of getting the preacher. The president said he would get in touch with the chaplain.


      Report on Keynote Speaker: The President said that the 501c3 lawyer would put him in touch with someone to be the Keynote Speaker. He also threw out the name Rev. C. Othello Capehart as a possible Keynote speaker.  He added that we should consider someone with deep pockets.


      Convention Theme: The President requested that we send in our suggestions for the convention theme.


      Report on Queen Contest:

      Maryland reported that their chapter already had their queen and they were aggressively raising funds to support her. Pennsylvania and Oklahoma reported that they had not chosen their queens.


      Martha Moore, of Rhode Island, said their chapter had not chosen their queen and added that financial awards could be incentives for participation.


      To that end, it was decided that the wining queen gets $100, the runner up get $50, and 3rd & 4th places get $25 each. It was also decided that the winning queen keeps the crown and the sachet. The consensus was that queens should be older than 18 years. This way she can represent VAOLA as Miss Virginia throughout the year. She will also sit in on  the executive committee meetings and support the organization's programs and projects in the U.S. A. and Liberia. The president urged local chapters to begin working with their respective queens in raising funds for her support.


      Other Business:

      Victoria Washington suggested that we check on Gertrude Jah who is presently in Liberia and not doing well health-wise.


      Martha Moore suggested that we honor Ernest Cassell and Matthew Kai because they were very active in the development of the Rhode Island and national chapters. This way, we can bring them back to the association. It was decided that letters be written to them about the organization's plan to honor them.


      The President suggested that Nancy Nayreau, Ike Wilson, Ealine Johnson, and Tonia Duncan-Lathrobe also be honored at the 2013 convention in Philadelphia. All names were approved, and the President encouraged members to send in names of people they believe is worthy of recognition to him and the secretary.


      We were reminded by Marie Browne that during the 2012 national convention held in Baltimore it was decided that we honor the following people: Rebecca Simpson, Bishop Cuffee, Aurelia Akinselure, Moses Neal and Joanna Capehart. However, since the program was not held, the money appropriated for the ceremony was deposited back into the national account. The president said the program will be held later.


      Marie Browne admonished us that the organization should be careful about spending money on videotaping; because $500 (five hundred dollars) was spent on video-taping a previous convention that proved unsuccessful. The president said his idea of the video-taping was not as a money-making venture but as a promotional project for the organization, but if the project makes money, that's fine, too.


      Martha Moore said the closing prayer. The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 p.m.


      Respectfully submitted,


      Zoe Wilson

      National Secretary


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