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Press Release - Diaspora Virginians Support Development Back Home...

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  • Charles S. Neal, III
    Diaspora Virginians Support Development Back Home Sunday, 24 February 2013 18:28 Agenda R.C.D Marshall Public Clinic receiving cash donation Citizens of the
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      Diaspora Virginians Support Development Back Home

      Sunday, 24 February 2013 18:28 Agenda

      R.C.D Marshall Public Clinic receiving cash donation

      Citizens of the Township of Virginia in Montserrado County, Liberia, residing in the United States of America, have accelerated their participation in development activities of their homeland.


      The Liberian Virginians based in the US, under the banner “Virginia Association of Liberians in the Americas (VAOLA), a non-profit organization, since 2003, have carried out several development activities, including installation of hand pumps to provide safe drinking water for tens of thousands of citizens and residents of the Township and renovating as well as comprehensively fumigated, thereby dislodging a colony of bats from the public clinic, named in honor of a past eminent citizen, Dr. Robert C.D. Marshall.


      As part of efforts aimed at bringing the R.C.D. Marshall Clinic up to expected standards, the group also constructed an additional bath room, while renovating twp existing ones, while an assortment of furniture, including  desks, visitors chairs and benches, three large barrels for storing water and tables, were made available, and installed records shelves.

      Making the disclosure to this paper over the weekend, VAOLA’s Point Person in Liberia, Mrs. Aurelia Akinselure, said the Association is financially assisting in the extension of the clinic situated in Central Virginia, to provide office space for the staff and adequate conducive waiting area for patients. To date according to her, the Association has provided one thousand two hundred United States dollars (US$1,200.00), towards the total cost of US$ 5000.00 for the clinic’s renovation project.

      Mrs. Akinselure noted that the activities are carried out in collaboration with authorities of the Township and staffs of the clinic administered by Mr. William Tate, the District Health Officer. 

      In addition, Dr. Roseda Marshall-Ochillo, Chairperson on medical of the Association, conducted a two phase free medical services for children of the Township at various health centers.

      The Diaspora Virginians or VAOLA, have also distributed text books to the Gbanjor Public School donated by the Rhode Island Chapter and presented various educational materials to deserving students enrolled in fifteen public schools in the Township.

      The VAOLA Liberian Point Person noted that the Association had in time past assisted in improving health facilities around the Township and a few years ago, collaborated with international medical non-governmental organization, Merlin INC., to build a maternity wing at the Gbanjor Clinic in lower Virginia. Also, financial support has been given to the Graham Town self-help market project and held a Christmas party for children, she furthered.

      Prior to the construction of the Gbondoi Health Complex, VAOLA through its local contact group carried out a major three months medical outreach in the area, using personnel of the R. C. D. Marshall Clinic. The program targeted citizens suffering from several preventable diseases, with many being relieved of their unfortunate situations.

      In continuation of its home land development initiative, the Association has plans to construct a recreation center, lobby for funding to equip the public clinic in the Gbondoi community in Upper Virginia with furniture and medication, assist in road maintenance, among other projects, Madam Akinselure added.

      Meanwhile, the Virginia Township citizens in the USA have extended thanks and appreciation to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the Liberian government, for constructing a modern medical complex in Gbondoi, which includes a clinic and staff residence.

      VAOLA is currently headed by one time Montserrado County Superintendent, Rupel E. Marshall, while two former Commissioners of the Township, Madam Ethel Neal and Rev. J. K. Levee Moulton, are among its advisors in Liberia.

      The Association’s Liberia based activities are executed through a contact group chaired by Mrs. Aurelia Akinselure, with Bishop James Cuffee, Ms. Joanna Capehart and Mr. Moses Neal, among other members

      See photo in this link:  http://www.publicagendanews.com/index.php?view=article&id=4532:diaspora-virginians-support-development-back-home


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