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VAOLA November 18, 2012 Meeting Minutes

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  • Charles S. Neal, III
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2013
      SUNDAY NOVEMBER 18, 2012 @ 8PM EST
      The Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Virginia Association of Liberians in the Americas was held on Sunday November 18th 2012. Under this new administration the citations go to everyone on the email list. The meeting was called to order at 8:15 p.m. EST by the president Mr. Rupel Marshall. Prayer was led by Mrs.Viola Smallwood-Robinson of the Oklahoma Chapter. The roll call was done by the secretary followed by welcome remarks by the president. He thanked everyone, national officials and members, for attending the meeting. Those present at the meeting were:
                Mr. Rupel Marshall – National President
                Mrs. Zoe Kamara- Wilson- National Secretary
                Naomi Capehart- Harmon- National Vice-President
                Martha Moore- President Emeritus
                Ms Elaine Johnson- President, GA Chapter
                Mrs. Tonia Duncan- Lathrobe, President, RI Chapter
                Mr. Charles S. Neal - President elect, Oklahoma Chapter
                Mr. Spencer Browne- Vice president elect, Oklahoma Chapter
                Mrs. Fairy Neal- Knuckles - Secretary, Oklahoma Chapter
                Mrs. Viola Smallwood- Robinson, Member OKC Chapter
                Rev Adolphus B. B. Capehart- Member, North Carolina Chapter
                Mr. Morris Marshall – President, Maryland Chapter
                Mrs. Miatta Brooks -Hoff - Vice President, Maryland Chapter
                Mr. Roland Hoff – Parliamentarian, Maryland Chapter
      The president, Mr. Rupel Marshall, stated to the members that the minutes were sent out to everyone to read make corrections and send back to the Secretary Mrs. Zoe Kamara-Wilson. The president asked the secretary to read out some highlights from the last October 7, 2012 minutes. The secretary read out the highlights and asked for a motion to adopt the agenda. Ms Martha Moore made a motion for the adoption of the agenda. It was seconded by Mrs. Naomi Harmon and the body unanimously adopted the minutes.
      The president stated that the Association is pursuing getting its nonprofit and incorporation statuses (501c3) as one of the main goals of his administration. He said he met with Attorney Stuart Simms, telephone no. 410-962-1030, for consultation which had already led to a $350 bill. He said the lawyer requested certain information including the address of the Association. Ms. Martha Moore asked if the president could get a P.O. Box. Mrs. Naomi Harmon said she thought that the outgoing president Ms. Marie Marshall- Browne had a P.O. Box. Ms Martha Moore reminded Mrs. Naomi Harmon that the Box was in Texas. Mr. Spencer Browne said we needed a home address and suggested that we asked the secretary Mrs. Zoe Kamara-Wilson to use her home address. Ms Elaine Johnson said she agreed with Ms. Martha Moore for us to get a P.O. Box because we're an organization and do need a stable addressed.
      The president told the body that UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box. Mrs. Naomi Harmon suggested that we have a P.O. Box for other transactions but keep the address for the 501-C3. The president recommended that the secretary postal address be used but the body decided that both her postal address and a P.O. Box address be used. The president asked to secretary to work on getting the P.O. Box and he will work with the lawyer on the 501-C3.
       The President touched base on visitation to each Chapter. He stated that the National executive officials including members would like to visit each Chapter especially when they are having programs or functions. He and two other members can attend the program and connect with some of the issues these Chapters are facing. Mr. Spencer Browne asked if the National will pay for these visitations. The president said that the travel expense will come out of his contribution to the national.
      The president, Mr. Rupel Marshall, asked the outgoing secretary Mrs. Naomi Harmon if she had completed the minutes of the August 2012 national convention. Mrs. Naomi Harmon reported to the body that she had not completed the minutes. She also stated that she had not received the recommendations from the outgoing president in order to submit the minutes. The president told her that she still have the end of November to submit the report.
      The president told the body that he got a call from the financial treasure stating that she couldn't be on today because she wasn't feeling well and had not completed the financial report of the 2012 National Convention. The president made a report on his recent visit to Liberia. He reported to the body that the $500.00 (five hundred dollars) he took $250.00 for teacher’s supplies and $250.00 for publicity wasn't used. He visited several schools and it all seemed so confusing to him. The schools seemed very dark inside, hardly any chairs or teaching supplies. He didn't do any publicity because it should state what the president did and not just say he visited the schools. He also said that the tour of the settlement took up most of his time because of bad roads. The tour should have taken two days but took five instead. He started around 10AM to 4PM trying to understand the areas, but bad roads were a major factor in getting the tour done. He also stated that it was very expensive having a car each day.
      He also visited the RCD Marshall clinic in Central Virginia. He was extremely happy to see a modern facility constructed by the Save the Children organization. He decided to write to them thanking them for the building and that we would like to work with them. (Save the children Mrs. Josephine Wachekwa # 0886684310).
      However, the problem they are currently facing is that a lady by the name of Etta Richards donated the land to them without a deed. The contact group is working on getting the deed to survey the land. The president also said the Government Health Director of the St. Paul River District proposed to him to assist them build an extension to the clinic to house two offices and additional sitting spaces for the patients. He told the body, he did not make a promise but informed them that he would raise the issue with the Association when he got back to the States and they should begin to work on it.
      The President presented several recommendations: to follow up with save the Children to put the sign up on the building and the cost. The letter to the president should be written thanking her for the clinic. He visited the clinic in Gbondi and was surprised that the termites were eating some of the doors and no furniture or drugs were in the clinic. He got an estimate to equip the clinic, $95,385.14. He suggested that we write an international group to assist with the budget.
      Bromley mission road was fixed by an engineering group, he suggested that we contact these people to assist us but the contact group nor citizens knew who they were. Some of the Bamboo Town road was fixed but no one knew who fixed the road, some parts of the road were so muddy he couldn't get to see Bamboo Town. The Africo group has built a place to teach handicap agriculture.
      The President Mr. Rupel Marshall reported to body that the national had made a contribution of $500.00 to the Graham Town market project. His recommendation was to contact the contact group in Liberia asking to see the deed for the market project. He also visited Bromley Mission and met with the Dean. He visited the clinic near Bromley and was told that some engineers build the clinic but no one could tell him who there were. He also suggested that we donate gloves and other items to the clinic. He also visited Domah town. 
      He visited several schools in Vonzor but was amazed that the classroom had no chairs, blackboard and most of the teachers were not certified to teach. He suggested that we assist some teachers financially in obtaining to their certification. He also met a lady Mrs. Washington who had started building a high school and asked the association to donate some chairs in the amount of $10.00 dollars. He did not commit to any donation. He also suggested that we write the Commissioner to re-survey the old town hall. He also visited the site of the sand mining at the waterside front along with Mr. Sandafu Dorley and spent the entire day looking at the operation. The government has approved no more sand mining at the beaches only river mining. He asked some questions on how safe it is to mine from the river and was told it was safe. He also stated that we do not have the means to do a technical investigation but the process does not look right to him.
      He also stated that the teachers need chalks, record books, black boards, clocks etc. The former President, Mrs. Marie Marshall-Browne donated $600 hundred worth of notebooks as her contribution to the Gbondi School. He attended the commissioner turning over ceremony for Madam Musu Marshall, the newly elected commissioner. The superintendent of Montserrado County was also in attendance. Some Virginians were calling for an investigation of the sand mining.
      1. Put the sign board up for the R.C.D. Marshall Clinic
      2. Include the $95,000 dollars estimate to have the clinic furnished in our letter to the president.
      3. The commissioner wrote a letter to the contact group (roads).
      4 Write a letter to the contact group encouraging them to find out if the Graham Town   Market project has acquire a deed before we disburse any more money.
      5. Find out who the engineers were that build the bridges.
      6. Contact Julius Hoff for the cost of the battery for the solar panel at the Gbanjor Clinic.
      The president asked if there were any questions, Mr. Roland Hoff asked about the solar panel battery, he told the body that he knows that Julius Hoff deals with solar panels in Liberia and we could check with him to get the cost of the battery. The president said that he will get in touch with the contact group to check with him. Mr. Spencer Brown asked the president what good is the contact group if they are not communicating to us until the president calls or email them. The president said that there is a problem when it comes to communications but there have been some accomplishments like remolding the RCD Marshall clinic. He did admit that the contact group had no idea about development in the township. The president reported that a nice bridge had been build at the Bromley junction, he asked the people in the community and no one knew who build it. Mr. Roland Hoff asked if the project was legal since no one knows who the engineers are. The president told the body that no one on the grounds is committed as we are.
      Mr. Spencer Brown asked if the outgoing commissioner turned over the MOU to the incoming commissioner. Mr. Marshall said that he saw the MOU which included building a high school, roads, and a town hall. He said that the MOU will be revisited by the Virginians. Mr. Spencer brown asked how many schools we have, the president said we don't know the government involvement when it comes to educations and health but we should work with the contact group to give us an account. Our focus should be only on public school.
      Ms. Martha Moore asked about the deed for the Robert C.D. Marshall Clinic. The president reported that Mrs. Etta Richards gave the land but the township didn't get a deed. He suggested that we re-survey the place and get a deed. He said that he wouldn't recommend that we assist them in re-surveying the place. Mrs. Naomi Harmon suggested that we go ahead and help survey the clinic because that is the only clinic we have. She also asked if we had the deed for the town hall for record sake. Mrs. Zoe Kamara-Wilson told the body that she carried the deed for the town hall and give it to Mr. Moses Neal and he made two copies, one for him and the other he give it to the commissioner. Mrs. Zoe Kamara-Wilson said that she will get in touch with Mr. Moses Neal to see if he can give us a copy of the deed.
      The president said he met Mr. Victor Washington at home and talked to him concerning looking over the structure of the old town hall. Mrs. Naomi Harmon said she will get in touch with Mr. Washington on the town hall issue. Mr. Spencer Browne asked the president if he heard anything on the land dispute between Brewerville and Virginia. The president said he didn't get to address the land issue but he can put it on the agenda and follow up on it.
      OTHER BUSINESS: Visitation to Chapters.
        The president Mr. Marshall asked those local presidents on the line if they had any idea of the time the national can come to visit their chapters. Some of the presidents suggested that they go back and discussed it with their Chapters and get back to the national. The president from the R.I. chapter, Mrs. Tonia Duncan Lathrobe, said that they are planning a Christmas party on December 22nd and if the national can come and provide support to them. She also talked about how the faithful few are holding the local chapter together. The president Mr. Marshall said he will be able to attend and encouraged other members to join him on this trip.
      Mrs. Tonia Duncan Lathrobe also said some Virginian don’t know that we have a national organization in the Americas and what we have accomplished in Virginia. Ms. Martha Moore suggested that we contact the contact group to establish a better relationship with Virginians in promoting the national agenda and accomplishments at home. Mrs. Naomi Harmon suggested that we used the $200.00 hundred for publicity and she will get in contact with her brother Emmanuel Capehart to be a part of the contact group.
      The president talked about the Christmas party which would cost $800.00 hundred dollars to host. He suggested that we don't have the Christmas party this year because of the cost, but put it on the 2013 national convention agenda to discuss a better plan. The president also suggested that we do a publicity piece about our important people living in Virginia, senators, representative etc. to get to know who they are. The Georgia president Ms Elaine Johnson said her chapter will invite the national next year. This year they're merging with the old timers to host a Christmas/dinner gathering.
      The commissioner wrote us a letter asking for assistance for numbers of things. She asked for assistance with the rent to help them relocate back to the old place owned by Mr. Dewalt. Right now the office is in the yard of the old commissioner. The rent monthly is fifty dollars but the owner is asking for one year of $300.00 hundred dollars. They also asked for assistance in the amount of $500.00 for gas to help grate the feeders roads. The president said to the body that in responding to these issues, the association should say we can assist you with half.
      Mrs. Harmon said the road was very bad when she went home to bury her mother; they had to spend five hundred for fuel to grate the road. Ms Elaine Johnson said that the mindset of the people has not change, the leaders in the community need to come together and work with the commissioner to get the road done. Mrs. Harmon said that we have a lot of senators and representatives living in Virginia and we don't know who they are or how they got there. She also suggested that we get in touch with them to work with the commissioner.
      The president appointed a committee to be chaired by Ms Martha Moore to discuss the MOU with the Chinese Company and the other requests from the Township Commissioner. Members appointed to the committee are: Mrs. Fairy Neal-Knuckles, Ms Elaine Johnson, Mrs. Tonia Lathrobe, and Mr. Spencer Browne. The president also made few recommendations to be added to the contact group in Virginia, Messrs Buster Johnson, MacArthur Dewalt, Emmanuel Capehart, and J. Cholo Brooks.
      The president appointed and added few more advisors: Mrs. Ethel Neal, Mr. Ernest Anderson, Mr. Victor Hogstrom, Mrs. Nancy Washington-Nayreau, Mr. Doughba C. Caranda, Rev. C. Othello Capehart, Mr. Isaac Dennis, Mr. Levee Moulton, and Mr. Charles Woelfel. These recommendations were accepted by the body.
      The president suggested that we budget $1,000.00 for the 501-C3, Have a small reception for the incoming commissioner, pay half of the rent for the commissioner office in the amount of $150.00, extension for the clinic in Virginia, two offices for staff. Road project $300.00, and publicity $500.00. Mrs. Naomi Harmon said that she really didn't want us going into our building funds to do other projects. The president made it very clear that we wouldn't be going into our building fund. He also said that we could set aside certain amount to be used on these proposals, if we can't meet a certain proposal we can postpone that amount.  Mrs. Harmon asked the president to send out an email on the provisional budget and we can meet on that.
      Mrs. Naomi Harmon said she had a name, Mr. Jusu Dorley, who is interested in being a part of the association. His telephone number is (267)-978-0320. She asked the president to call him. The president stated that the chaplain will be the one to work on the benefit package. Mr. Roland Hoff asked the president to send out his report from Liberia and the provisional budget.
      The president asked for a motion for adjournment of the meeting around 10:33PM.  The motion was made by Mrs. Naomi Harmon and seconded by Ms Elaine Johnson. Mrs. Miatta Hoff said the closing prayer.
      Respectfully Submitted on 11/18/2012 by
      Zoe Kamara- Wilson, Secretary, VAOLA
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