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Virginia, Brewerville In Demarcation Battle....

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  • Charles S. Neal, III
    Virginia, Brewerville In Demarcation Battle Sunday, 07 October 2012 23:06 By W. Eric Davis, Sr.   Judge Attaches National Concern With the post war land
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      Virginia, Brewerville In Demarcation Battle

      Sunday, 07 October 2012 23:06 By W. Eric Davis, Sr.


      Judge Attaches National Concern

      With the post war land crises across the country intensifying between individuals, families, tribes, and in other cases, communities and counties, the Head Magistrate of the Brewerville Magisterial Court, Richard Bana, has described the ongoing boundary tussle between the Township of Virginia and Brewerville City, as a serious development that warrants national attention.

      After listening to preliminary, arguments between the Commissioner of Virginia Madam Amelia Holmes and Mr. George V. Curtis, the newly inducted Acting City Mayor of Brewerville, backed by their legal councils, Magistrate Bana postponed hearing into further arguments to a later date, ruling that the issue of boundary harmonization between the two localities located in Lower Montserrado County, has dragged for so long, describing it as sensitive and requires national attention.

      Brewerville and Virginia founded in 1861 and 1864 respectively, are currently embroiled in a low keyed war of words, over where the exact location of their individual meets and bounds are.


      Several local communities including, Vonzon Town, Po-River, Ricks Institute, Banjor-Hotel Africa and Moulton’s Corner- Koubono Shop, accordingto Commissioner Holmes, all fall within the jurisdictional landmass of Virginia Township, and that her administration can and will no longer submit to land encroachments, by those she called illegal land dealers acting with the backing of the Brewerville City Corporation.

      But during brief hearing at the Brewerville Magisterial Court over the weekend, Madam Holmes failed to produce copies of her township’s map or legislative enactment, when requested by lawyers representing the BCC. She however presented several copies of land deeds which she said belonged to some of her

      For his part, when requested to present documents proving that the communities mentioned earlier are in fact parts and parcels of Brewerville City, Acting Mayor George Curtis produced a map, which was promptly rejected as unauthentic by the Commissioner of Virginia, on grounds that the said document was recently drawn up by LISGIS, since according to her, that was a hasty map intended for the 2011 general and presidential elections and therefore does not carry historical weight.

      An acrimonious atmosphere almost engulfed the court room, as the two local government officials, quite to the astonishment of onlookers, started throwing cheeky remarks at each other, which left the judge with no alternative but to postpone the case to another date, mandating the party litigants to make sure to have all documents relative to the tussle prepared by the time of the next hearing.

      Speaking to this paper later, Madam Holmes who laid the blame for the crises squarely on some surveyors and unscrupulous individuals whom she did not named, vowed not to compromise the right of citizens and residents of Virginia Township to reside in the community of their choice.

      Also speaking to the Public Agenda, Acting Mayor Curtis said his administration was not up for land grabs as claimed by his colleague, explaining further that the main point of contention between the two communities is a piece of property situated at the Vonzon to Moulton Corner Junction, which the Virginia Township’s government had been laying claims to for some years back.

      He disclosed that the property in question, is actually owned by a family which he too did not named, but added that the deed for the land is marked and endorsed as being situated in the City of Brewerville.

      Our reporter also spoke with several persons claiming to have been born and raised in Vonzon Town, one of the contentious hot spots right in central Brewervill, who said as far as they are concerned, they have all along known that they are residents of Virginia, and will continue to be so.

      Mr. Sundefu Dolleh, Principal of the Vonzon Public School, said he and the town’s residents are wondering what could be the motive on the part of the authorities of the Brewerville, since it remains a historical fact that the town was established by elders of the Dolley and Sannoh families, almost one hundred years ago.

      Mr. Dolley claimed that they still have the original deed for the town, which indicates that it is located within the Virginia Township. He too told this paper that the situation surrounding which community owns the town and other areas under contention was brought about by some surveyors acting under the monetary offers of illegal land dealers in Brewerville.
      Asked about the way forward out of the current debacle, Dolley said that the matter, given its sensitive and no doubt, grave nature, can only be resolved by national government, acting upon verbal, documental and other historical facts, which he believes will finally allow them an those in the other contentious communities, decide which locality they would like to reside in.




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