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129Status of Mother Bendu Moore illness/recovery

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  • Charles S. Neal, III
    Feb 15, 2013

      Status of Mother Bendu Moore illness/recovery


      The road to recovery continues to be long and somewhat slow but looking back at where she was, and how far she has come we know that it has to be because of God’s grace through the power of prayer. 


      It is the powerful prayers in agreement for her healing from family, friends, and even strangers that continue to strengthen her and our family daily.  It is perhaps the love and dedication of her family too that is giving her the strength to fight. 


      Her family has never wavered in caring for her and their faith in God has not weakened because of her illness.  Our family knows that in Christ we are able to find joy in these trying times.


      Thanks to all of you for your continuous concerns and prayers.  May the name of Jesus be glorified now and forever.


      The Moore family



      Father John Moore – 401 272-9721

      Martha Moore – 401 338-2106