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127Citation to VAOLA Executive Committee Meeting - Part II

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  • Charles S. Neal, III
    Feb 3, 2013
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      Citation to Executive Committee Meeting


      You are cordially cited to an Executive Committee Meeting of the Virginia Association of Liberians in the Americas (VAOLA) on Sunday, February 10, 2013 at 7 p.m. CST/8 p.m. EST.  The dial-in number and code are: 712-432-0180 and 560785.


      This meeting is a continuation of the meeting of 1/27/13 that was adjourned in the interest of time. The remaining items on the approved agenda are to be deliberated on are:


      Remaining Agenda Items

      Financial Report of the Last Administration

      Minutes of the Last Administration

      Reports from Chapters

      Establishing Chapters in MN and NC

      Other Business to be introduced


      Additionally, the president shall use the occasion to briefly update the body on what has transpired since 1/27/13.


      Below are the notes from the meeting of 1/27/13. After the meeting on 2/10/13 one set of minutes would be prepared:


      Notes from the First Part of the Meeting Held 1/27/13

      Meeting called to order by the president at 8:08 p.m. EST and was adjourned at 10:01 p.m. EST to be reconvened at a later date [2/10/13] to complete the agenda items. Opening prayer was said by Fairy Neal-Knuckles of OK Chapter and thereafter roll call was taken. The following persons dialed-in/participated in the meeting:


      1.     Rupel E. Marshall, Sr. Nat’l President MD DC VA Chapter

      2.     Naomi Capehart-Harmon Nat’l Vice President PA Chapter

      3.     Zoe Wilson Nat’l Secretary MD DC VA Chapter

      4.     Marie Browne Nat’l Treasurer MD DC VA Chapter

      5.     Jemima Peal Nat’l Financial Secretary PA Chapter

      6.     Martha Moore President Emeritus RI Chapter

      7.     Charles Neal OK Chapter President

      8.     Morris Marshall MD DC VA Chapter President

      9.     Elaine Johnson GA Chapter President

      10. Othello Capehart  Advisor OK Chapter

      11. Adolphus Capehart PA Chapter

      12. Sam Payne Cooper PA Chapter

      13. Spencer Browne OK Chapter

      14. Fairy Neal-Knuckles OK Chapter

      15. Miatta Hoff

      16. Michael Kemokai  Observer


      The secretary read the highlight/summary of the minutes which had earlier been circulated. A motion made by Charles and seconded by Spencer for the minutes to be accepted, opened for discussions and thereafter adopted to for part of the records of the Assoc. was unanimously approved. The following points arising from the minutes were deliberated upon:


      a.      501c3 and Incorporation: The president indicated that he has signed a representation agreement with the law firm that is processing the 501c3 and incorporation of the Assoc. He stated the firm requested that $1000 be on deposit but he has asked that it be reduced to $500 and the firm has agreed. This is in addition to the $350 already paid. Naomi reminded the body that she remembered that some action had been taken on this matter in the last administration. Marie clarified that the process was not completed and the amount that had been advanced towards it at that time was not funds from the Assoc thus the process is now starting again without any financial loss to the Assoc.

      b.     Addresses: The secretary indicated that she has secured the post box for three months and the Assoc official addresses are now: P. O. Box 194 Frederick, MD 21705 and 178 Key Parkway Frederick, MD 21702

      c.     Verifying Graham Town Self-Help Market deed: Marie stated that she will pass this information over to the contact group so she and the group can work on it. The issue is the Assoc. has asked to have the contact group see a legitimate deed in the name of the Township and or the Graham Town Community or some legally registered association to enable the Assoc to consider further assistance to the project.

      d.     Contacting Julius Hoff: Julius is to be contacted to see if he can advise on the request the staff of the Gbonjor Clinic made to the president for assistance in getting a battery for the solar panel at the clinic. Efforts made so far have not been successful in contacting Julius.

      e.     Martha Moore Committee on MOU and Requests from Commissioner: Committee has not yet started its work.

      f.       Deed of Old Town Hall: Marie reported that she has a copy of the deed and the commissioner is conducting a survey of the land. The body decided that a copy should be given to the contact group for its record and a copy given to the secretary for the Assoc. records.

      g.     Letter Informing the Commissioner on Using Old Town Hall Spot to Build Recreation Center: Marie indicated that she has seen the email sent by the president and she and the contact group are following up on it.

      h.     New Members to the Contact Group: Marie indicated Richard Fallah has been informed. The body decided that the contact group informs the others (Buster, MacArthur, Emmanuel and Choloe) and recommend names of others from other parts of Virginia to serve on the contact group. The recommendation is to be made to the Assoc.

      i.       Funds Sent to Liberia ($2000.00 through Treasurer Browne) Marie made an oral report but was not sure of all the expenditures. She indicated that as Treasurer she was disbursing the funds in consultation with the contact group and the chair had asked her to hold on to funds not being disbursed. The president said he has asked Marie for a written report and hope it would be forthcoming.

      j.       Relationship with the Contact Group; As several issues related to the work of the contact group, the issue of sending funds tor the Assoc. work in Liberia, communication with the contact group, etc. came up. The body decided that all Assoc. funds should be turned over to the contact group for carrying out the activities of the Assoc. whether or not an executive of the Assoc. is in Liberia. Marie stressed that as Treasurer she disbursing funds in this context and that the contact group is fully involved. She further emphasized the challenges faced with the Internet in Liberia and that the chairperson of the contact group, Aurelia, was doing extremely well in following up on the work of the Assoc. Naomi advised that we should all realize the difficulties of communications with Liberia and empathize with the chairperson and members of the contact group. Marie said she is working with the chairperson and the vice chairperson (Bishop Cuffee) to see that they get the communications from the Assoc. and advised that the president addressed communications to the chairperson directly and only copy others. Marie also stated that the chairperson of the contact group, Aurelia, was working on the publicity. The president indicated that any paper and any journalist can be used if it is within the range of the money made available and that the story should carry the past, present and planned activities of the Assoc. with some pictures.


      At this stage the meeting was adjourned by the unanimous approval of a motion made by _____________and seconded by __________________.


      Closing prayer was said by Rev. Othello Capehart.


      Submitted by Secretary Zoe Wilson