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124Request for Volunteers and Committees Formation

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  • Charles S. Neal, III
    Jan 11, 2013

      January 11, 2013


      My Fellow Virginians and Friends of Virginians; Happy New Year and best wishes for your health and prosperity.


      On Sunday December 16, 2012, at the installation of the officers of the OK Chapter, I outlined the vision and plan of this administration which I believe are in concert with VAOLA constitution, decisions of VAOLA that need to be acted on, ongoing activities and again, which I believe, represent our individual and collective wishes. The vision and the plans shall be shallow, toothless and void of the desired results if individual chapters and individuals do not assume specific responsibilities and report on the status of things. It falls to me to provide a leadership that will promote your full participation through attendance at meetings (local and national), offering ideas and serving on committees (sometimes a one-person committee). You have seen the citation for our next Executive Committee meeting for Sunday January 27, 2013 to which all have been invited. At that meeting, I would ask chapters and individuals to volunteer to serve in specific areas.  I appeal to each of you to volunteer. Please look at the list below and consider where you would like to serve even if it is not what you would generally like to do. Also, encourage your chapter to meet before January 27 and discuss the list or some of the items on it, so those who attend the meeting, if you are unable to attend, will be in a position to offer the sentiments of your chapter.


      Call me at 443-202-8032 to let me know in advance or to seek clarification or offer a suggestion. The list is not in order of priority and may, inadvertently not include all the items. If several persons volunteer to work on a certain item, they shall be constituted into a committee or place on an existing committee. For example, President Emeritus Martha Moore is already heading a committee to look at requests from the commissioner. The mandate of that committee includes reviewing the MOU with the Chinese company that is mining sand in the Township.


      Here is the list, to be added to, from which I respectfully ask that you choose an area (and it could be more then one area) where you would serve:

      1.     Virginia roads – being in touch with the commissioner and contact group

      2.     Constructing the recreation center – the deed? Is this site and old structure going to be for the new town hall also? Drawings? Cost? Timetable for starting? Etc, etc.

      3.     Properly drafting our benefit package – who want to work with the chaplain on this

      4.     Contacting Virginians who are not active in the Assoc.

      5.     Understanding the boundary issue and looking at possible solutions including putting together a group of our brothers and sisters from Brewerville and Clay Ashland and Arthington to work with us on presenting proposals to the authorities in Liberia

      6.     Celebrating our 10th Anniversary at the next convention

      7.     Bringing into the Assoc. non-Virginians

      8.     The public schools in Virginia (students, teachers, etc. needs)

      9.     The clinic in Central Virginia

      10. The clinic in Gbonjor

      11. The clinic in Gbondoi

      12. Creating MN chapter

      13. Creating NC chapter

      14. Activating our status with Colmar Manor in Maryland

      15. Pursuing relationships with Virginia and communities in the USA

      16. Specific national fundraisers (to include a 10th Anniversary calendar)

      17. Contacting Save the Children, Inc.


      Thank you,

      Rupel E. Marshall, Sr.

      National President, VAOLA