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117Decisions that Came Out of the VAOLA Meeting on 11/18/12...

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  • Charles S. Neal, III
    Nov 20, 2012

      Decisions that Came Out of the 11/18/12 Meeting


      Below are those decisions that grew out of our deliberations that I am not sure were really agreed to.  I am of the opinion we agreed to them by consensus since we did not actually vote on them.  I am submitting them so we can confirm them or conclude on them at the 11/25/12 meeting.  The 11/25/12 meeting would be considered as part 2 of the meeting of 11/18/12 and at the end we shall have one set of minutes.


      1. Open a post office box and also use Zoe Wilson’s residence postal address for the Assoc. address in processing our 501c3 and incorporation documents. We shall use Attorney Stuart O. Simms of the law firm of Brown Goldstein Levy of 120 E. Baltimore Street Suite 1700 Baltimore Maryland 21202 Telephone no. 410-962-1030 as recommended by the president.
      2. The Christmas party would be canceled and we would let the contact group hold a small reception for the new commissioner.
      3. When it comes to education and health projects that we shall identify with in the Township, our focus would be on public facilities and not private or church institutions.
      4. We work with the Township and the staff of the R. C. D. Marshall Memorial Clinic on the issue of surveying the site the clinic is on and obtaining a deed from the estate of Etta Richards who it is alleged gave the land to the Township.
      5. We meet some of the costs of the extension work the R. C. D. Marshall Memorial Clinic wants to undertake based on their request submitted to the Assoc. through the president. The extension will include two offices and additional sitting spaces for patients. Our assistance would only be given if what we agree to give there is some guarantee that the staff and the community will raise the balance.
      6. We ask the contact group to follow up on the letter the president wrote Save the Children to collaborate in building the staff residence at the clinic.
      7. We fix a sign of the name of the clinic and have it placed on the building
      8. We include in our letter of Thank You to the President of Liberia for the Gbondoi Clinic the a request to furnish and supply drugs and supplies to the clinic based on the estimates submitted to the Assoc. by the Montserrado County Medical Director through the president.
      9. We do not get involved with the upgrade of the road from iron gate to old Shiloh as the Chinese company mining sand from the river has obligated itself to do it but we make representation to the commissioner on the road being paved and not just grated.
      10. On other roads, we ask the commissioner for the estimates to grate them and assist with some of the fuel cost if the Township will raise some of the cost.
      11. On Graham Town Market, we ask the contact group to verify that a valid deed exist in the Township name before giving any more assistance to the project.
      12. Find out who is doing the bridge on the Bamboo Town road on the Bishop Browne side and see if we cal collaborate with them in some way for upgrade of the roads. Also find a way to contact the 1st Engineer Battalion of the AFL that did the bridge leading to Bromley Mission.  The contact group will carry out this assignment.
      13. On the old town hall, Zoe Wilson will work on getting a copy of the deed for the site and we shall write a letter to the commissioner on our intentions to develop the building as a recreation place. 
      14. We shall contact Julius Hoff to find out the cost of a battery for the solar panel at Gbonjor Clinic and see if we can donate one to the clinic as this is a request they have made to us.


      The other decisions were the increase of the membership of the contact group, naming of advisors and meeting to decide on the provisional budget.


      If you think of other decisions that were made or recommendations that we need to decide on, please circulate it or bring it up at the meeting Sunday.