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    Trouble Ahead For Illegal Land Dealers

    Sunday, 21 October 2012 23:09 By W. Eric Davis, Sr

    Madam Musu Marshall

    -As New Commissioner Vows To Crush Them

    The adage that says “a rogue has ninety days to carry out his criminal activities, but the master has only one”, seems to be playing out well for individuals who thrive on daringly engaging in the illegal sale of lands in the Montserrado County Township of Virginia, as the newly appointed Commissioner of the community Madam Musu Marshall, has vowed drastic legal actions against them, as an administrative means of curbing their unwholesome habit.

    Making remarks last week during a low keyed function, marking her formal taking over from her predecessor Deacon Amelia Holmes, held in the Office of the Township Commissioner, in Central Virginia, Hon. Musu Marshall observed that Virginia and it’s integrity had been negatively affected from the criminal attitude of some citizens and residents, working in concert with unnamed persons from outside, stressing that, “this must stop now”.


    Visioning the investment and development prospects for the township, Commissioner Marshall told the gathering comprised of Montserrado County Superintendent Grace Kpan, Samuel Kanyan Doe era, Montserrado County Superintendent, Rupert Marshall, a Special Emissary of District #17 Representative, William Dakel, citizens and family members of both the outgoing and in-coming Commissioners, that unity and reconciliation are the two trump cards needed to achieve the much longed for goals.
    Madam Marshall condemned those individuals involved in the widely reported illegal sale of other citizens’ properties, calling on victims to help her administration curb the retrogressive practice by providing cogent information about the perpetrators, so as to have them face the law.

    She then thanked President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for her preferment, and reined special praises on the outgoing Commissioner, Mrs. Amelia Holmes on behalf of the entire citizenry, for her more than four years of exemplary leadership of the township, and promised to continue the work started by Madam Holmes, in her strive to lift the community from its current condition.

    The new Virginia Township Commissioner, vowed that with the overall interest of the area as her impetus, she will adapt a more cooperative but robust engagement with the Chinese river sand mining company operating in the adjoining St. Paul River, to make it live up to its side of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), entered into with the community through the outgoing administration.

    Speaking earlier, former Commissioner Holmes reported that the Chinese company named LICHI INC., had committed itself to the township, through an annual US$8000.00 cash support, maintenance of roads and streets, assisting health care services and education and employment for citizens especially youths, among others.

    But according to her, except for the cash support which has already been deposited in a special account, the company was still lagging behind in other areas including, full employment statuses for those who have been recommended for employment, though it has been operating for over six months, and maintenance of the roads. She further thanked the Liberian leader for allowing her serve her community and people, adding that as far as she is concerned, she leaves office harboring no regrets, saying history will judge the works of her hands.

    In a brief remark, one time Montserrado County Superintendent, Rupert Marshall, expressed delight over the rapid level at which the Township of Virginia is evolving, especially the peaceful transition of appointed administrations.

    Stressing the immense prospects of the township, Mr. Marshall implored citizens and residents to unite and cooperate for the common good of the future, cautioning that Virginia should not be left behind in the current social, economic and infrastructural boom associated with other parts of Liberia.

    Mr. Marshall is currently President of the Virginia Associations in the Americas and is in the country on a two weeks assessment tour of the township, with specific focus on the sanitation, education, health care and agriculture conditions facing the community and people.




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