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Re: Character set. UTF-8 Spinnoff to RMS Express?

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  • la7um
    Rick. Copied, and even maybe partly understood. Just a wish, as just informed that in whole EU some recommendations seems heading to UTF-8. I see your
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      Rick. Copied, and even maybe partly understood. Just a wish, as just informed that in whole EU some recommendations seems heading to UTF-8.

      I see your "problem", time, even unpaid!, and lack of skill in the "user" community to give usable assistance.

      And off course then the rest of the world....with other character sets.

      I just got the idea since you yourself did mention UTF-8 as a maybe future part of V4. And I at the same time checked the RMS Express garbled readout when forwarding e-mails to my self from G-mail enabling sending using UTF-8 instead of their socalled "Normal Character set" into my winlink account doing download using RMS Express WINMOR.

      Thinking "spinnof", similarties, modules, or whatever from V4 into RMS Express in due time.

      It is ok the reverse direction, from Winlink to G-mail.

      Winmor not supported by Paclink as pr now? And no P2P and same level of simplicity.

      Luckily G-mail at the time beeing do default to "Normal", but for how long?

      73 de la7um Finn

      --- In V4Protocol@yahoogroups.com, "Rick Muething" <rmuething@...> wrote:
      > Finn,
      > RMS Express/WINMOR transmits compressed pure binary data (8 bit bytes). The encoding of that could be anything. It is also possible to attach a binary attachment that employs any desired encoding. It is possible to add support for multiple character sets to RMS Express but it is a significant effort. The easiest solution would probably be to use Paclink which supports a 3rd party mail client. Then any character set supported by that mail client could probably be used.
      > In software it is not normally a question of “can it be done?” but usually “Do we have the skills, resources and time to do the work and does it benefit the general population?” For an all volunteer and very small programming staff providing free software and supporting it the answer to the later question is often NO. A large part of the ham community still do not value software even when modern software now does many of the functions of conventional hardware (e.g. TNCs etc). Just because the software can be copied on a 10 cent CD does not mean it is free to design, debug, deploy, document and support.
      > I have specifically designed V4 as a text only mode which eventually will be able to support UTF-8 character sets. The idea being able to support more complex and multi language character sets. While the hooks are there and in the spec there is still a lot of programming and documentation necessary to make it available to users. That translates to skills needed and hard work work expended. I would very much like to get some help on this but that has to come from someone with .NET programming skills and a thorough understanding of how the UTF-8 character sets work and are applied.
      > Rick, KN6KB
      > From: la7um
      > Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2011 3:26 PM
      > To: V4Protocol@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [V4Protocol] Character set. UTF-8 Spinnoff to RMS Express?
      > Hi Rick. I like what I am only reading so far. I wonder as a spinnoff decoding UTF-8 in V4 also might be implemented in RMS Express as an option? 73 de la7um Finn
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