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Re: [V4Protocol] QUESTION

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  • Ron Wenig
    Oops, I meant if you see me calling CQ please try to chat with me not connect :-) Ron ny3j
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 4, 2013
      Oops, I meant if you see me calling CQ please try to chat with me not connect :-)

      Ron ny3j
      On 10/4/2013 6:21 PM, Ron Wenig wrote:

      Hi Pat,

      H4Chat is in Alpha testing right now.  Rick, KN6KB, is testing the basic capabilities of just FEC chat mode.  Soon he will release the code which would include ARQ mode and then you will be able to connect with another station or call CQ.  Now in order to have a qso you have to type in the bottom of the window and press enter.  So if you want to call CQ just manually enter the CQ text or create USER files with CQ text in it.  If you want to try the other program that Rick wrote try the V4Chat Yahoo group to download the code:


      V4Chat is a finished program that has the ARQ connection capability.  H4Chat is a similar program with a different more rebost virtual TNC program called H4FSK.  Have fun and if you see me calling CQ on H4Chat please try to connect.

      73, Ron ny3j

      On 10/4/2013 2:04 PM, pat obrien wrote:

      OK GUYS;
      I downloaded the program, all installed and the bar on top shows CALL, the window pops open shows like original v4 call station or call cq..
      OK once I press cq it does its job, BUT the call disappears and I have to call CQ in the main window by hand, what may I ask is to be done  to have the CALL window appear again, probably something I did not check, guidance please.

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