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Re: [V4Protocol] Trialling v. experiments

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  • Alex Shafarenko
    Hi there, I am the station with which Robin had his successful QSO on 20m, reported below . I was running 100W into an end-fed dipole 8m AGL and the conditions
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 27, 2012
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      Hi there,

      I am the station with which Robin had his successful QSO on 20m, reported below . I was running 100W into an end-fed dipole 8m AGL and the conditions were reasonably good (got 28db S/N from Iceland, a similar distance away, on the reverse beacon network around the same time). However, Robin's signal was weak, causing a lot of retransmissions in both directions. 

      I did not upgrade to the new version of V4CHAT, so can't comment on the problems below, but under the old version I had no problems whatsoever sending and receiving when the signal was reasonably strong.

      Here the rig is IC-7200 and I use its built-in USB sound card, which I understand is reasonably low latency.

      Just for your information.


      Alex M0SFR

      On 27 Jul 2012, at 11:00, Robin Hodgson wrote:


      I have finally had a satisfactory 20 meter V4 QSO with another station (M0SFR) 2000km away, in which the process worked exactly as
      the HELP section describes. 
      So why do we have problems trying to work 3 km distance? In trials, ARQ connect completes  both on 20m and 30m bands.
      But the transfer of text is problematic, as described before. Could this be related to the fact that my Kenwood TS850S
      has a typical latency of 50ms, while the other station is using a FLEX and is experiencing typical latency figures around 200ms?
      The only other difference is that I receive strong signals from the other station, while he receives much weaker signals from me.
      This asymmetry is due to power output and antenna configuration differences between us.

      Robin, 9H1ZZ

      To: V4Protocol@yahoogroups.com
      From: robin_a_hodgson@...
      Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 14:33:15 +0000
      Subject: [V4Protocol] Trialling v. experiments

      Having no experience with any ARQ protocol before, I had been playing with V4Chat for several months, with little success. I have now installed v. and also persuaded a nearby (3 km away) ham to do the same.
      After sorting out the T>R latency issues, we succeeded in getting reliable ARQ connects between us. However we are having difficulty mastering the IRS to ISS switch (and v.v), which should be automatic, once connected.
      The data we enter in the text box remains there even after invoking a "send command" or hitting the Queue Data button. Sometimes some of the data does get transferred to the OB Queue and is registered on the OB counter. How do you know what text has already been queued (or sent) and what is still waiting? Surely the data should disappear (or change color or something) from the text box once it is in the OB queue? Do we have to edit it out by hand?
      Sometimes the data transfer does work as described in the HELP section. But we are regularly seeing error messages such as "IDL Received as ISS and queue not empty. No switch to IRS" being presented. On investigating, we find that when this happens, both stations' V4TNC screen are reporting they are in an ISS state, and the session times out.
      Being newbies, we would like to know what we are doing wrong, and appreciate any comments from this group.

      Thanks and 73 Robin, 9H1ZZ

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