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  • la7um
    Thanks Rick. I have privatly helped some hams sending the program privately to them, since non of them are Reflector users. Good to have a URL for this. 73.
    Message 1 of 25 , Feb 14, 2012
      Thanks Rick. I have privatly helped some hams sending the program privately to them, since non of them are Reflector users. Good to have a URL for this. 73. Finn/LA7UM

      --- In V4Protocol@yahoogroups.com, "Rick Muething" <rmuething@...> wrote:
      > Daniel,
      > I agree with you in it would be nice to see some additional V4 activity. I will look into also providing a download capability for V4Chat on the WL2K FTP server in addition to the Yahoo server.
      > Some other points and issues:
      > 1) I have a lot on my plate at the current time. The WL2K software needs important updates (RMS Express, RMSTrimode etc) and Vic Poor one of our major programmers is leaving on a year’s sabbatical so the other volunteer programmers have to cover and handle any issues/updates to Vic’s code. This leaves little time for additional V4 Programming right now.
      > 2) The V4 TNC is documented and available to other developers to use. It is fairly easy to integrate (similar to a hardware TNC or the WINMOR virtual TNC). I would be more than happy to provide some limited help to other developers that want to integrate V4 into new or existing client programs. This has been done for WINMOR on a number of “3rd party” programs with success. The effort is roughly equivalent to writing a TNC driver.
      > 3) I think a V4 contest or “roundup” would be a great idea. The logs (if the ADIF log is enabled) is compatible with most programs that can read ADIF formatted logs and that could make “scoring” the contest easier. Since grid squares are exchanged automatically on a connection something that encouraged how many grid squares worked might be fun and easy to do. I think there are plenty on the V4 reflector that could help with this. I can offer only limited time and support.
      > 4) I still remain more than willing to provide help with any SERIOUS Linux programmer that wants to port V4 and/or V4Chat to Linux. I will supply the V4 VB.NET 2010 source and it may be possible to convert most of this if someone is familiar with Mono. My only requirements are:
      > a) This has to be a serious effort...It is probably a few man months...it is not a one-weekend re compile.
      > b) The resulting product has to be documented and supported. I don’t want any unsupported V4 code out there... (Support means things like Help files, answering questions and fixing bugs).
      > c) The resulting Linux V4 program needs to be checked and verified that it is compatible with the current Windows V4 version and matches the V4 protocol.
      > d) This will require the Linux programmer be familiar with things like: DSP (FFT, wav files, sound cards etc), Real time programming, Multi threading. I just don’t have the time to run a programming school especially in Linux. There is a CD of a DSP short course I did for TAPR at the 2010 DCC that some may find good if they have minimal DSP experience. See the TAPR web site (
      > http://www.tapr.org/pdf/DCC2010-DSPcourse-session1-KN6KB.pdf) for more info.
      > 73,
      > Rick KN6KB
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