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Re: AW: [V4Protocol] Trial Patch for V4 TNC.exe Version uploaded

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  • Rick Muething
    The auto registration is for those that are truly “using or evaluating” the protocol and that requires a very small number of 10 ARQ connections. Remember
    Message 1 of 14 , Oct 5, 2011
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      The auto registration is for those that are truly “using or evaluating” the protocol and that requires a very small number of 10 ARQ connections.  Remember there is no absolute need for registration...the program is free and does not expire...it just pops up the “donation suggestion nag” if unregistered.  Those donations are what pay the bills (all programming and administration labor is volunteered) that cover real costs like software licensing, and development tools and test equipment.  Auto registration will be closed when the first “production” release
      Rick KN6KB
      Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2011 2:55 AM
      Subject: AW: [V4Protocol] Trial Patch for V4 TNC.exe Version uploaded

      Rick may i ask again how many contacts are needed for autoregister??

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      > Gesendet: Montag, 3. Oktober 2011
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      Betreff: Re: [V4Protocol] Trial Patch for V4 TNC.exe Version
      > Ray,
      > The registration number
      has nothing to do with the port blocking. You
      > shouldn’t have to enter
      the registration key at all it should auto
      > register if you have made the
      required number of ARQ connections. This is
      > working for almost everyone
      else? I see MANY auto registrations emails
      > come through.
      > I can’t tell anything by your description. Clear out the V4Chat and
      > TNC logs and debug logs. Then start up V4Chat. Send me the V4Chat
      > V4Chat exception log and V4 TNC Debug log and I will take a
      > Rick
      > From: Ray <mailto:
      Sent: Monday, October 03, 2011 4:36 PM
      > To:
      Subject: RE: [V4Protocol] Trial Patch for V4 TNC.exe Version
      > Afternoon Rick
      > Per
      your instructions, I installed The V4 TNC revision and it
      > works
      only partially. Port 8510 is no longer blocked when the
      > registration
      number is entered, but the TNC leaves the screen and is not
      > visible when
      V4Chat is running. Removed the registration number from the
      > .ini file
      and it is back on the screen and working as it should. Perhaps
      > one more
      small tweak?
      > Ray KB0E
      > From:
      href="mailto:V4Protocol%40yahoogroups.com">mailto:V4Protocol%40yahoogroups.com [mailto:mailto:V4Protocol%40yahoogroups.com] On
      > Behalf Of kn6kb
      > Sent: Monday, October 03, 2011 2:34
      > To:
      Subject: [V4Protocol] Trial Patch for V4 TNC.exe Version uploaded
      > All,
      > This is a
      trial patch for test and comments. It should fix problems some
      > have had
      with autoregistration and port problems on startup.
      > It also has
      some changes to reduce CPU loading primarily during searches
      > while
      looking for V4 Signal. These appear to work fine here on the
      > simulator
      and reduce the CPU loading a little less than half when the
      > program is
      idle looking for a V4 signal.
      > To try this follow this:
      > 1) Make a
      backup version of your current V4 TNC.exe version file.
      > 2)
      Download the zip file V4 TNC
      > 3) Unzip and place the V4 TNC.exe
      into your V4Chat directory.
      > Run your V4Chat as normal.
      > Please let me know if you have any problems with this version. If
      > checks out well I will put on autoupdate.
      > Rick KN6KB
      > V4 TNC Revision History
      > Date Rev # Summary ofChanges
      > Oct 3, 2011 Test
      version to fix startup problems after auto
      > registration (moved to
      tmrStartup thread)
      > The following were done to reduce CPU
      > Modification of SearchforAMLeader47B2 to use FFT in place of
      Goertzel for
      > initial tone search
      > In
      Protocol.ProcessNewCaputredData change inc during leader search from
      1024 (1 symbol)
      > to 2048 (2 symbols)
      > Move Envelope processing and
      filtering to after corellation in
      > SeachforAMLeader47B2 and
      > make
      it conditional on Correlation > than threshold.

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