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Re: V4 GUI improvement proposal

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  • k1dow_4
    Most excellent Rick! I think the other testers will be very pleased with these refinments, too. Watching for you next release! 73/RussK1DOWArcadia, FL ... be
    Message 1 of 30 , Sep 11, 2011
      Most excellent Rick!  I think the other testers will be very pleased with these refinments, too. Watching for you next release!

      Arcadia, FL

      --- In V4Protocol@yahoogroups.com, "Rick Muething" <rmuething@...> wrote:
      > Russ,
      > The next version will have the functionally you wish:
      > 1) The text entered (either via keyboard or pasted file) will always be shown in the current keyboard window. The portion of the text that has been sent or in the process of sending (e.g. waiting in the OB queue) will be dark gray, text you can edit will be blue. You can clear the window if desired or just let it scroll. (BIG scroll buffer)
      > 2) There is no need for a third “text in process” window. The new scheme copies data as sent (sometimes called Echo as Sent) to the session window when it is actually sent so you can always see exactly what text has been sent (and in the case of ARQ, ACKed). This also has the nice affect of making the log completely chronologic...text appears in the log when it was sent/ACKed by the other side. For non full duplex operation this will automatically separate received text from sent text both by color and by time/grouping. For ARQ operation you know that when the sent data (blue italic font) appears on your Session window it ALSO and Simultaneously appears on the remote stations Session window. No question as to what data the other side has received!
      > 3) You can already copy text in either window as described in help...
      > Use a left mouse click and drag to highlight text
      > Use Ctrl C to copy the highlighted text to the clip board.
      > Position the cursor where you want to paste (can be a different application if desired)
      > Use Ctrl V to paste at the cursor.
      > The Ctrl C and Ctrl V are pretty standard for copy and paste. I could go to use the right mouse click for that but then we need a different key stroke (not standard) to allow erasing the entire Keyboard or Session windows. Those windows can hold a lot of type so it is not always practical trying to select all the window data to clear it.
      > I should have this out today or tomorrow.
      > Rick KN6KB
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