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Re: [V4Protocol] Re: V4 ARQ QRV now 10136

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  • Rick Muething
    All, Please remember there are really two programs. The V4Chat and the V4TNC. While now they are currently at the same rev they won’t always be
    Message 1 of 23 , Jul 4, 2011
      Please remember there are really two programs.  The V4Chat and the V4TNC.  While now they are currently at the same rev  they won’t always be so.  The V4 TNC will eventually be used by other programs ...it is the virtual TNC and its updates and revisions are separate from the others. The last release did change some minor things in the V4Chat as well. (read the revision history if interested).
      If you have a problem it is important to follow this procedure. I will repeat once again for all those that are new:
      1) Sync your computer clock to the internet (bring up the clock and click the internet tab) This isn’t perfect but it gets you within a few seconds or so. (This allows me to more easily debug two logs one from each end of the connection).
      2) Be sure you have the V4 TNC debug log enabled (read the help if you don’t know how).
      3) When you have a problem not the time as accurately as possible UTC Time is ALWAYS used. Then describe the problem in some words as clearly as possible.
      4) Send me the V4 TNC debug.log for the date and indicate briefly what your setup is: “Runnning WIN XP with SP1, 1000 MHz Pentium, 512 Meg Ram, SignaLink USB sound card and TS-480 etc”
      Then send the debug log AS AN ATTACHMENT to me:  rmuethingATcfl.rr.com.  If both ends of a problem connection can send me the log it is MUCH better ...I can see both ends...they are time synchronized and logged to 10 ms.
      If you can do this we can make progress... I need to see some things in this last release that have to do with the auto calculation of round trip time that I could not duplicate well with the simulator.
      73 and Happy Fourth!
      Rick KN6KB
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