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902FT-450 control

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  • cr88a
    May 2, 2011
      Having a problem getting the V4Chat to control the rig, suspect I'm not understanding the instructions.

      I have been running psk, jt65, rtty, and Olivia with this setup, which is a Windows 7 32 bit system with actual serial port cards and a Yaesu FT-450AT. I've been runing Mixw, FLdigi and HRD. PCC-450 also works. I've turned off all software firewalls.

      Problem is, with nothing else running V4Chat doesn't control the rig and the two tone test doesn't do t/r switching.

      I've set the "radio control" parameters to COM3, 19.2 and RTS, same as HRD.

      In trying to understand the Help instructions I see under the "Radio Control" section of the setup "Radio Command (some radios) through the Radio Control Port. " Now this paragraph, which describes the t/r method I intend to use, doesn't specify how to set the PTT Port (optional) parameter. I've tried setting it to "external" and to COM3 with all possible RTS and DTR combinations on "Radio Control Port" and PTT Port (optional). I also tried setting "Radio Control Port" to None and PTT Port (optional) to COM3 with all combinations of RTS and DTR.

      I think this "Radio Command" paragraph is saying that when set to FT-450 the V4Chat should read the frequency and do t/r...it doesn't and I don't know what to do next.

      I'm also not sure what the Help is saying with troubleshooting port conflicts. The chat program is telling me the TNC is OK on port 8510. Does that in fact mean the chat is communicating with the virtual TNC? Do I have to open up the port in the router that connects this computer to the LAN and WAN?

      FEC loopback works fine.

      Thanks for any help.

      Somers, WI
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