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3979RE: [V4Protocol] Set-up using Win Vista

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  • g4arr
    Jul 31, 2014
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      Hi Ed K7AAT and also Neil and Johnathan,

      First, yes,  I am rapidly getting to the point where I might have to move on from Vista, tho it WAS new once. hi.  On the computer hardware here it is a Dell Inspiron 519 (desk-top machine) with an AMD Athlon CPU. Although it does have an inbuilt sound card, I'm using an external USB connected unit. (Until recently I was using an HP with xP and had thought, tho clearly not HARD enough, that this Vista machine was a move forward!!)  Loads of memory, tho the system is quite heavily loaded with software.

      As for the software, well its the regular download with H4 and the Chat modes, and mainly I've been trying to get the Chat mode to talk to the radio. The radio interface is a Rigblaster "nomic", and I have used that for the last couple of years on JT65-hf with no problems. Using the older HP + xP equipment, it was producing (from its DB9 port) a send/recv changeover for the xcvr. Now, with the Vista machine (which has no DB9) I'm using VOX control and the "nomic" is really just an interface.

      Just for the record, it all works fine with JT65-hf, even though I am at the moment running a Kenwood TS820-S on just 20 and 40 meters.

      However, when I try to persuade Chat mode (v4Protocol) to set up, it does not see or decode audio from the TS820 and I've also failed to find the proper volume controls to maybe increase signal level. Incidentally, I had the same sort of failures when I tried (on a different machine) using v.13 and then also v.9.10 Ubuntu .

      These are my first complete failures since I started with RTTY in 1975, so maybe it's just my age. <grin> but JT65 still works when I change back to it.

      73  Crawford  WA3ZKZ
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