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3970H4Chat vs. V4

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  • Ed
    May 4, 2014
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      I am rather excited about the digital program developments Rick has made with the V4 and H4 Chat programs ….. I have never liked to use the error prone PSK31 for narrowband keyboard digital mode, and Rick’s development of an ARQ keyboard program seems to be just what I was looking for.


      However,  there are TWO programs available…..one fully functional with ARQ,  and the other not yet completed and only works with FEC. 


      My question:   What are you using?    V4  or  H4 Chat?      I would like to start dabbling in this again after a lengthy absence,  and there are few enough hams using these programs anyway….I’d like to concentrate my efforts on the program most are operating with …..V4 with ARQ   or  H4 with just FEC?


      Ed   K7AAT


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