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3953old news?

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  • Oliver Johns
    Apr 11, 2014
      This may be old news, in which case my apologies.

      I've got the beta of Chat running on Windows 7 Home in a Virtual Box on a MacBook Air laptop. I use a SignaLink external USB sound card to connect to my Elecraft K3. Wasted some time trying to get the SignaLink to be recognized by Windows 7. But that's now how Virtual Box does audio. The obvious (even to me, finally) solution is to go to the Mac OSX audio preferences and set the *Mac* itself to connect to the SignaLink. Then back to Virtual Box and Windows 7. Tell Chat to connect to the usual Windows sound system (the only available choice in the Setup panel). Virtual Box pipes the Mac audio in and out to the Windows system and everything seems to work robustly.

      Now I need someone to talk to. I have no HF antenna, so am limited to 2 meters. Anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area interested in a 2 meter test of Chat and H4FSK?


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