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3949Re: new top the group - questions

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  • brad_ka3yan
    Mar 23, 2014
      This is a fairly good set of questions and I'm surprised there were no answers.  

      It would be helpful if the "standard" frequency for each band were listed in the Group Description.  This is helpful to new users of the mode and hopefully will lead to fewer folks asking the same question over and over.

      The other really good question Jim asked pertained to expected power output.  Since this is a rather robust mode, I suspect that QRP is desired, but like any mode, you should only use what you need to in order to get your message through.  So if you need to be using 100 watts, you need to.  If you can get by with 50mW, then by all means only use 50mW.  Since it seems to be a rather high duty cycle mode, I would expect that the lower power you can use, the better...regardless of courtesy to your fellow amateurs.

      Brad KA3YAN

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