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  • John Ragle
    Mar 18, 2014
      CHAT and the virtual TNC seem to work fine on my Elecraft K3, except that the click-tune feature does not work for me.

      I have been using W1HKJ's "FLRIG" with the H4FSK, to give me on-screen tuning and control instead of mechanical knob-twisting from the K3. FLRIG complains that it cannot find the COMM port, but works anyway. I am running through a SignaLink box.

      WRT "robustness" my take is that at 200 Hz width, H4FSK is much more vulnerable to adjacent channel interference than, e.g. BPSK31 with its narrow "window." The conventional PSK windows (nn.070-nn.073 MHz) are nowadays very full, and finding a 200 Hz open channel is very unlikely. WRT "robustness" in the weak/noisy channel sense, there does not seem to be enough activity to test this aspect, as all the signals I have copied have been much stronger than the noise background.

      WRT the nn.073 MHz "watering holes" mentioned by Steve Ford in QST, there is all sorts of other non-psk activity centered here which stomps on the H4FSK input side.

      I have had several QSOs using this program suite; many thanks to those with whom I've had contacts. Signal strength reporting is the same problem as with PSK. Single-button "macros" (as in FLDIGI) are lacking and sorely needed.

      I would like to hear from others about their experiences with CHAT/H4FSK.

      (Dr.) John Ragle -- W1ZI
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