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39Re: [V4Protocol] V4 software test frequencies

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  • Steinar Aanesland
    Dec 4, 2010
      "What the percentages of operation for SSB vs. digital/cw in LA land?"

      Hi David

      The only band that is regulated by government is 600m (493-510Khz).
      Only CW A1A is allowed.

      The Norwegian regulation translated with google:


      73 de la5vna


      On 03.12.2010 20:21, David Bastress wrote:
      > GA Steiner,
      > A couple of comments about the 'band plan' as written.
      > 1. I see it has not been updated to reflect the effects of the 80 meter
      > refarming that was done in this country a couple of years ago. Now everything
      > digital and cw must be done below 3600 KHz. so a lot of reshuffling has been
      > done on that band!!
      > 2. I see Bonnie / HFlink claim a lot of frequencies for their ALE operations.
      > More than their fair share.
      > 3. The 40 meter band plan really highlights the problem we have here in the US.
      > Everything from 7043 to 7100 is used for SSB operations in most of the rest of
      > the world and yet look at all the stuff we try to do in that same frequency
      > range that isn't SSB. And, not listed in the band plan, are all the Winlink and
      > Winmor RMS stations!! All the SSB operations by our neighbors to the north and
      > south make using any of them practically impossible for a good part of our early
      > evening / nighttime. Personally, I don't think we could stuff all the different
      > operations and modes into 43 KHz. if we tried. Then to, that also doesn't
      > account for the fact that the bottom 25 KHz. are only accessible to extra class
      > licensees making the total usable bandwidth for a lot of amateurs only 18 KHz.
      > if we don't want to interfere with SSB operations above 7043!! It's clearly a
      > problem for everyone.
      > I can't comment on the other bands as I don't use them enough to be aware of
      > their problems.
      > For now, I think the idea of operating at the high end of the PSK /digital mode
      > areas should work for the V4 testing.
      > Dave K3GAU
      > P.S.: What the percentages of operation for SSB vs. digital/cw in LA land??
      > >>> Steinar Aanesland <saanes@...> 12/3/2010 1:01 PM >>>
      > Hi Dave
      > What about using 14.101, 14.103, 14.113, 14.115 and take back the ROS freq?
      > By the way, take a look at this page:
      > http://www.bandplans.com/index.php?band=All
      > It is not much playground left..
      > 73 de LA5VNA Steinar
      > On 02.12.2010 22:40, David Bastress wrote:
      > > GA,
      > >
      > > Does anyone have any suggestions for frequencies to congregate around
      > to test the V4 software when we get it??
      > >
      > > Dave K3GAU
      > >
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