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3739RE: [V4Protocol] Upated version of Chat and H4 TNC Posted on Autoupdate server and V4 Protocol FTP site

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  • John Wiseman
    Dec 21, 2013
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      Hi Rick,
      Is there a spec yet for the programmer's interface to the H4TNC?
      John G8BPQ

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      Sent: 21 December 2013 03:18
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      Subject: [V4Protocol] Upated version of Chat and H4 TNC Posted on Autoupdate server and V4 Protocol FTP site



      I have posted this major update on the Autoupdate server and also a full install on the V4Protocol Yahoo FTP site. The full install is also placed on the Winlink FTP site ftp://autoupdate.winlink.org/User%20Programs/    if someone has a problem with the Yahoo site.

      This is  a major update and while all the ARQ code and functions are in they aren’t fully tested. So I have only enabled a few of the ARQ functions because otherwise it would just confuse everyone.  I am leaving for a week on Monday so I only have this weekend to make any small updates.

      This version now also includes a new more robust mode FEC RBST (Robust FEC) which has two levels of FEC (Hamming encoding inner layer, Reed-Solomon outer layer) for more robustness.  This mode can be used to send large text files or multi cast broadcasts to multiple users. 

      The ARQ implementation is clean but it needs optimization for automatic round trip calculation and optimization along with expanded busy channel detection and the ever tricky IRS <> ISS exchange verification and optimization.  There are however accurate State diagrams in the help and a complete H4 Protocol document on the Yahoo FTP site for those interested.

      One feature I was able to make work is that it is now possible (independent of mode  FEC, FEC FD, FEC RBST, ARQ) to display data from all modes. This will be very helpful and minimize most need for mode switching.

      The Help files have all been updated and should be fairly complete now except for detailed operating instructions for ARQ.

      You will see that two of the ARQ functions (ARQ Call and ARQ Answer CQ) are disabled in this release. I am still testing and optimizing these.  You can “play around” however with ARQ ID and ARQ CQ (though no one can answer your ARQ CQ!).

      The Beacon now is also sent using FEC ROBUST and should show fewer errors and if errors are uncorrectable will be shown in Red strike Thru text.

      Your feedback is requested but I will probably not be able to do much for at least a week.

      Please let me know if something that the help says should work is not.&nbs p; I know about the ARQ stuff. Also this is not yet the time for bells, whistles and fluff additions…let’s wait until ARQ is working smoothly.

      A Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all.


      Rick Muething, KN6KB

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