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3735RE: KN6KB H4 Robust FEC beacon on 10123.0 KHz

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  • pc_cruiser_pa
    Dec 21, 2013
      Hi Rick,

      I did the autoupdate and the version is running. I found I needed to change the Auto Tuning Range to 40 Hz for anything to decode. I also dropped the squelch to level 3. I copy your beacon and a beacon from KK8G perfectly. I had a QSO with WB2LOU using FEC RBST mode. The curious thing is that the entire QSO had extra characters after each block of the message was received. But this does not happen when receiving the beacons and those are also using FEC RBST. It appears the FEC RBST for the beacon is different than the FEC RBST used in regular keyboarding.

      73 (and happy holidays to all)
      Doug, N3JXB
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