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36Re: [V4Protocol] Re: Hang out frequencies

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  • W6IDS
    Dec 3, 2010
      This isn't operable with WL2K.  It's an ARQ keyboard comms application per se.
      How much spectrum does this take up compared to RTTY, PSK, etc?
      RTTY and PSK aren't compatible simply for the fact that RTTY clobbers PSK.
      How well will WINMOR play with RTTY?  PSK?  If it's no winder than PSK, I
      don't see why it can't go anywhere it will fit on a not-to-interfere basis.  NO
      difference than we do now just out of courtesy for our other modes.
      I guess I'm a bit reluctant to entertain a discussion about having to find a
      separate home for the operations when we don't have to, IMHO.  There's no
      channel list to reference
      Why can't we just pick a quiet frequency (ies) and test (call CQ WINMOR, set up
      a sked referencing CF, etc)?  We're not testing for WL2K application are we? 
      I thought this was totally applicable to normal QSO comms but with the advantage
      of error-free copy by virtue of ARQ.
      Seems to me it's no different than RTTY or my PacTOR I ops on 14111 CF.
      Let's just test the capability to the max, have fun with it, and try not to bust anyone's
      chops 'cause we weren't checking the freqs like we should.
      Howard W6IDS
      Richmond, IN EM79NV
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      Sent: Friday, December 03, 2010 9:24 AM
      Subject: [V4Protocol] Re: Hang out frequencies

      GM All,
      I like John's suggestion.  The 'north' ends (high frequency side) of the keyboard to keyboard areas of the bands sounds like a plan to me.  The only question may be on 40 meters where there seems to be two KB to KB areas, one from 7035 and up and the other 7070 and up. 
      Dave K3GAU

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