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35Re: [V4Protocol] Re: Hang out frequencies - 4 what?

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  • Andy obrien
    Dec 3, 2010
      Interesting, it sounds a bit like ALE 400 to me, I look forward to seeing if it is anything close to what I imagine.

      Andy K3UK

      On Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 2:09 PM, Rick Muething <rmuething@...> wrote:

      It is designed to do keyboard to keyboard at normal typing speeds with fairly good “slickness” (RX to TX  turn over) and be more robust than modes like PSK (especially in poor multipath).  It is the result of many requests and several vain attempts to use WINMOR for keyboarding. 
      There are good reasons why modes are (or should be) designed for specific purposes.   With DSP it is much easier to design and optimize a mode that does a specific function well. When you try and make one thing fit all applications (Keyboard, files, messages, HF, VHF, wideband, narrow band, etc) you end up with a Camel (aka the Horse designed by c

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