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34Re: [V4Protocol] V4 software test frequencies

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  • David Bastress
    Dec 3, 2010
      GA Steiner,
      A couple of comments about the 'band plan' as written.
      1. I see it has not been updated to reflect the effects of the 80 meter refarming that was done in this country a couple of years ago.  Now everything digital and cw must be done below 3600 KHz. so a lot of reshuffling has been done on that band!!
      2. I see Bonnie / HFlink claim a lot of frequencies for their ALE operations.  More than their fair share.
      3. The 40 meter band plan really highlights the problem we have here in the US.  Everything from 7043 to 7100 is used for SSB operations in most of the rest of the world and yet look at all the stuff we try to do in that same frequency range that isn't SSB.  And, not listed in the band plan, are all the Winlink and Winmor RMS stations!!  All the SSB operations by our neighbors to the north and south make using any of them practically impossible for a good part of our early evening / nighttime.  Personally, I don't think we could stuff all the different operations and modes into 43 KHz. if we tried. Then to, that also doesn't account for the fact that the bottom 25 KHz. are only accessible to extra class licensees making the total usable bandwidth for a lot of amateurs only 18 KHz. if we don't want to interfere with SSB operations above 7043!!  It's clearly a problem for everyone. 
      I can't comment on the other bands as I don't use them enough to be aware of their problems. 
      For now, I think the idea of operating at the high end of the PSK /digital mode areas should work for the V4 testing.
      Dave K3GAU
      P.S.: What the percentages of operation for SSB vs. digital/cw in LA land??      
      >>> Steinar Aanesland <saanes@...> 12/3/2010 1:01 PM >>>

      Hi Dave

      What about using 14.101, 14.103, 14.113, 14.115 and take back the ROS freq?

      By the way, take a look at this page:
      It is not much playground left..

      73 de LA5VNA Steinar

      On 02.12.2010 22:40, David Bastress wrote:
      > GA,
      > Does anyone have any suggestions for frequencies to congregate around
      to test the V4 software when we get it??
      > Dave K3GAU

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