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3292RE: [V4Protocol] Re: [WINMOR] Test version of WINMOR TNC posted on Yahoo and Winlink User FTP

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  • Robin Hodgson
    Jun 17, 2013
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      Hi Finn,

      I am very interested in your statement that you find that V4 Chat works well.  My experiences over the last couple of years (and various versions of the software) is that it does not work reliably in an ARQ environment.
      I have tried with various computers, interfaces and radios working with different powers/frequencies/distances/propagation conditions... the ARQ session can nearly always be established eventually.  However, on the second turn around (regardless which station initiated the call) the session always times out.  I once managed a QSO (2000km) which went to three turn arounds before timing-out, however we were using different versons of V4, so that could be the reason.
      I spent a couple of weeks doing a detailed analysis  when working locally (3 km path,  59+ signal on 20 meters) using the debug logs of both stations.  In all cases the latency of both stations is between 40 - 70 mS and they use the same version of the software. My conclusion was that there is a timing issue in the software.  I asked Rick for help, and he told me that it was essential to be totally familiar with the details of the program in order to understand the problem.  He suggested I send a dump of the logs to him and he would look at them when he had some time.  I have asked about progress, but I understand that V4 is very low on Rick's priorities list!
      How have you configured your system so that you can demonstrate that it does work well?

      73  Robin, 9H1ZZ

      To: V4Protocol@yahoogroups.com
      From: la7um@...
      Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 01:47:39 +0000
      Subject: [V4Protocol] Re: [WINMOR] Test version of WINMOR TNC posted on Yahoo and Winlink User FTP

      Rick. My issue at the time being is being asked to line up or advice NRRL related to a national digital addendum to a Voice ned. FSK modes seems the Winner.

      1: I have been, and contine to promote Winlink, also in cooperation with Sweden and other Norwegians.

      But for ONE to many: Call it NET CONTROL, I have by pure luck been informed about Voice of Americas ongoing weekend tests of digital text and picture using a 50 year old AM transmitter in North Carolina.


      So downloading FLDIGI, FLMSG, FLAMP, MMSSTV, and EasyPal (DRM Based pictures) I have had a hard time learning new stuff. My signaLink does the job.

      It has been my only opportunity trying that SW.

      They introduced UTF8, (double characters tranferred for the special characters only as I understand it) amongst others choosable as well.

      Since it is only 3 extra norwegian, swedish, and some german characters and most of the alphabet is standard ascii, it doesn't seem adding much overhead. Each of them has double charachters transferred.
      Accents tested in Spanish and French. Working very well indeed.

      Greek or Cyrillic alphabet might be another task.

      Main learning has been that MFSK 16 is the mode banging through every type of noise and weak signals, about 350Hz, (within a 500Hz channel). This happens when voice is unreadable
      They have tested every thinkable mode and speed Including Olivia and Thor and a lot of others. MFSK 16 beats them all.

      (FM and local transmissions is another issue).

      This off course is broadcast, but that is what we need when voice controll of a net does not get through, and can work on 30m where we cannot talk.
      Perhaps HAMS on USB can use this.

      SW works on Linux, MAC and PC, so everybody can participate.
      Then run their WINLINK Mails as they like. RMS EX PC +NEWMACs/Parallel
      AirMAil Linux/Wine and Older MACs/Parallel.

      At the time being my recommendeation has been Pactor 2 Fec or arq in some time slots, V4Chat in other time slots, and Leader stations MUST be able running both but in different time slots.

      Perhaps MFSK16 might be a better solution for coordinating networks having broader time slots using it all the time. The experience from VOA has been impressive.

      Then nobody is excluded for getting directions.

      In other main or standard time slots they ALL shall do Winlink mail in every free possible way.

      FSK modulation stands out. Good for Aurora (or least bad).
      This is very clear in WINMOR as well.

      People get surprised when I get them (one by one) to try V4Chat, how well it works. But they miss the few 8bit characters.

      UTF8 as recently solved in FLDIGI makes MFSK16 a joyful pleasure typing QSO or manual info between EU countries.
      Not slick, but bunches of FEC and redundancy.

      Well. Just some night thoughts before the RV tour.
      73. Finn/LA7UM

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