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3250RE: [V4Protocol] Connecting to a Winmor station?

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  • Rick Westerfield
    Apr 14, 2013

      You are asking this question in the V4 Chat Yahoo Group but that’s OK.


      Can you hear any WINMOR activity?  Do the RMS WINMOR stations respond to your calls?


      When was the last time you updated the list of RMS WINMOR stations?  You could be calling stations that are no longer in operation.


      What interface do you use? If it is a Signalink, the delay must be fully, fully, fully counterclockwise.


      Are your antennae resonant? RF into your system can really wreak havoc with this waveform.


      Do you have any receiver or transmitter incremental tuning dialed in?  You could be off frequency.


      Rick KH2DF


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      I have been using Winmor for some time now. Basically, no problems. Here lately (past couple of weeks) I have been unable to connect to ANY Winmor station on ANY band/QRG. What's up? Nothing has changed with my computer and I still have the "latest and greatest" version of RMS Express. Suggestions will be much appreciated!

      Thanks and 73,
      de Larry

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