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3063Re: [V4Protocol] QRV now 14073

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  • Yussuf
    Feb 5, 2013
      2013/2/5 Ron Wenig <rwenig@...>

      Hi Yussi,

      Sorry I wasn't able to make a connect with you.  I did see your connect request but your signal was light, but I did manage to wake a couple of people up :-)

      Had nice qso with NR5G and W4WEB.  We all were asking where all of the V4 activity was.  It's really been quiet and V4 is such a fun mode to work.  Thanks guys for the V4 contacts.

      73, Ron ny3j

      On 02/05/2013 10:08 AM, Juhani wrote:

      until 18 UTC

      Hi Ron et al,

      I heard/copy  abt "Phid... County.." but seem condx going down.
      I use only OFCD and abt 500W out.
      Tomorrow QRV again, I look at VOAPROP for good time enough and send info again via V4 msg when QRV on 20 or 10m.

      73 OH7TE "Yussuf"
      *** JAWA dvoudobý - Česká mechanická muzika! ***

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