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  • kk4lac@rocketmail.com
    Jan 13, 2013
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      I have V4Chat up and running - Windows 7, SignaLink USB, into a Yaesu FT-897D. I'm excited about trying this new mode out. Tried sending and ARQ - CQ several times but didn't see a response yet. I read through the help documentation, but didn't see anything specific about operating in the mode.

      I noted the posts about frequencies in the group postings. Does everyone expect most V4 traffic to be on 7.073-7.074 or 14.073-14.074 centered on 1500Hz? Are there other common V4 areas on other bands?

      I notice that the V4 Chat app is preset for 1500Hz. Is there a way through the app to adjust where you are on the waterfall as one might see in HRD or fldigi so you could find or "chase" a V4 QSO?

      Are there any "nets" running on V4 so one might be able to test TX/RX? Does this mode allow you to monitor "traffic" between other stations or is it only Peer-To-Peer?

      Thanks! Hope to hook up with spome of you guys to osee how this works. Especially interested in how this might be applied to ARES or Emergency Comms.

      North Georgia
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