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  • Kirk
    Dec 25, 2012

      I run V4 using my 5000 and have no problem with delay.  First off, within PWSDR setup, be sure you set latency to 0.  Do this in both the General tab as well as Audio/VAC tab.  I run all buffers at 1024 but this is somewhat dependent upon the type of computer you are using.  I’m using an I7 running Win7 Ultimate.  X64. With my setup, I see anywhere from 35ms to 135ms V4 latency.  If you continue to have problems send me a direct email and include your telephone number along with a good time to contact you.  I’ll talk you through the setup.  Email address is in QRZ.


      Merry Christmas,


      Kirk, K6KAR

      Niceville, FL



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      I'm seeing about 380ms on delay with my Flex 3000 when calling CQ. Went through all the stuff in the help files, is there a some sort of magic that you have to do to the delays down?

      I am running Virtual Serial Port instead of the COM0 stuff as this program runs native under Windows 64 as a signed program.


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