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2917Re: [V4Protocol] Calling CQ in V4 ARQ on 14073

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  • Sander Pool
    Aug 11, 2012
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      Hi Jakob,

      my tuner problems were easily fixed by restarting my TS-2000 and
      tightening all antenna connections. I'm not sure yet what the root cause
      was but it's working again.

      I just called you with a 14073 dial frequency, 14074.5 CF, using 40W.
      Doing trans atlantic V4 on 5W would be great but from what little I know
      about it that's not likely to work. TJ65 is a different story of course :-)

      Sander W1SOP

      On 8/11/2012 12:34 PM, dk3cw@... wrote:
      > if you realy hearing me, that would be nice. I´m using only 5 W QRP
      > Power on a end fed longwire. Currently, the condx are not so good on
      > 20m based on my JT65 propagation studies this afternoon.
      > I will send repeated ARQ calls in the next few hours.
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