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2820Re: [V4Protocol] V4 1.0.3 bug -- TS-590S memory frequencies not read

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  • Rick Muething
    Jun 19, 2012
      I understand your comment but I think it has to work the way it does to support the click to tune and to follow the tuning knob features that were requested:
      When you click an item in the mini contact log it will set the radio to that frequency (assuming a valid frequency is in the log) using the FA command...You wouldn’t want to set a memory location with that.

      When you rotate the tuning knob manually you want the waterfall display  to “track” showing the center RF frequency and that requires reading the FA since you are reading the currently tuned frequency not the saved memory.  The displayed frequency won’t change with a tuning knob rotation on a memory recall (unless it is transferred to VFO using the M>V button)
      When you click on  a nearby signal showing on the waterfall or spectrum display you want to change the VFO frequency to center that signal (to the red line) and that requires using the FA command.
      So I am not sure that reading the memory frequency (displayed frequency using the IF command) makes sense as the above 3 operations are based on the A VFO.   You can on the TS-590S of course simply do a Memory recall followed by a M>V push which transfers the memory contents to VFO which then permits the display, following the tuning knob and click to tune capability above. These are important features users have asked for.
      Also please try and remember that it is desirable to have the code behave the same way for each radio. There are a some areas where code changes for radio model/Manufacture changes are needed but when you get into reading and controlling memory banks you can be just about certain that is unique to each radio manufacturer and model.  For example the FA command and reply syntax is pretty universal for all Kenwoods and some other Manufacturers but the IF command and returned data syntax are more unique to radios like the TS-590S.  
      I want to keep the setup options minimized and having multiple ways of reading the frequency (Memory, VFO A, VFO B etc) are all possible but add confusion and complexity.   If you are using memory it is a simple one button push (M>V) to get it to the VFO and then all the other features continue to work.

      Rick KN6KB
      Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 9:48 AM
      Subject: [V4Protocol] V4 1.0.3 bug -- TS-590S memory frequencies not read

      Hi Rick

      I have just been trying 1.0.3 with the TS-590S. You're nearly there, but
      you still don't get the T-shirt.

      Recall that earlier this year I reported that V4 does not always read
      the TS-590S display frequency. Yes, it does read the radio's frequency
      *if you are not using a memory channel*, but if you set the frequency
      from a memory channel, V4 does not recognize this.

      Well, the bug is still there in 1.0.3. As I mentioned before, this is
      because you are incorrectly reading the *VFO-A* frequency, with the
      "FA;" CAT command. When you select a TS-590S memory channel, the radio's
      *display* frequency will change, but the *VFO-A* frequency does not.

      Instead, you should be using the "IF;" command to read the radio's
      display frequency, not the "FA;" command. Then V4 will always be in step
      with the radio.

      See how Simon's HRD does it -- it uses "IF;" not "FA;" to get the
      display frequency, and it works fine with memory and non-memory channels

      As I said before, V4 needs to display and log the frequency that is
      *actually* in use by the radio, regardless of whether it is a memory
      channel or not.

      Ian, G3NRW

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