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2778TS-590S HOWTO: Remote Operation (with a twist)

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  • Ian Wade G3NRW
    May 7 1:08 AM
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      I have posted a new TS-590 HOWTO on Remote Operation. Go to the TS-590
      Resources Page:


      Scroll down to the end of the "HOWTOs" section, then click on the link:

      "*** TS-590S HOWTO: Remote Operation".

      The HOWTO has full details on setting up the TS-590S for remote
      operation over the internet, using Skype and TeamViewer.

      The twist? The HOWTO also describes the capability of the TS-590S to
      send monitored sidetone audio along the same path as the RX audio. This
      means that from the comfort of your local PC you can listen to the
      radio’s TX Monitor, letting you check and adjust the quality of the TX
      audio in (more or less) real time -- no more guessing how your signal
      might sound thousands of miles away!

      Ian, G3NRW

      The TS-590S Resources Page: