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2768Re: [V4Protocol] Announcement -- TS-590S TechNote: SSB Audio Handling v1.0

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  • Ian Wade G3NRW
    Apr 23, 2012
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      ___Original Message_________________________________________
      From: Rick Muething <rmuething@...>
      Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 Time: 07:30:28

      >In general what do you think of the TS-590 and have you compared it to
      >the Icom 7200?


      My thoughts on the TS-590S tally very closely with most of the reviews
      on Eham -- in other words, I am extremely happy with it all round (but
      especially the receiver, which is outstanding for a radio in this price
      bracket). I have no experience of the IC-7200, so I can't offer any

      >One thing I would be interested in too is if you have made any
      >measurements (they aren’t easy to measure) of the sample rate accuracy
      >of the built in sound card. 


      No, I haven't made any detailed sample rate accuracy measurements with
      the TS-590S or PC sound cards. That is something I want to look at in
      more detail. I have not played much with low-level signals or multiple
      carrier signals on this radio, where sampling accuracy can obviously
      make quite a difference.

      >I suspect Kenwood and Icom are using a
      >generic USB CODEC sound chip

      The TS-590S uses the PCM2903B stereo audio CODEC:



      >I have been keeping up with (and making occasional contributions to) the
      >work on a open source Voice codec (good voice quality at about 1200
      >bits/sec and 1500 Hz bandwidth). This is being done by David Rowe in
      >Australia and it would be a perfect fit for a radio like the TS-590.  David has
      >achieved better performance than the proprietary CODEC used in the
      >D-Star radios and I think will soon have the matching HF Modem ready for
      >initial beta testing.

      The whole world is very much looking forward to this!

      Finally, all your comments are most interesting -- sorry I can't add
      much to them.

      Ian, G3NRW
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