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2767AW: [V4Protocol] Announcement -- TS-590S TechNote: SSB Audio Handling v1.0

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  • siegfried jackstien
    Apr 23, 2012
      > I have been keeping up with (and making occasional contributions to) the
      > work on a open source Voice codec (good voice quality at about 1200
      > bits/sec and 1500 Hz bandwidth). This is being done by David Rowe in
      > Australia and it would be a perfect fit for a radio like the TS-590.
      > David has achieved better performance than the proprietary CODEC used in
      > the D-Star radios and I think will soon have the matching HF Modem ready
      > for initial beta testing.

      Hello rick

      Keep us informed when a beta test version of the codec (and front-end fort
      he user) is available



      (time for me to get a second soundcard for the headset *g*)
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