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2764Announcement -- TS-590S TechNote: SSB Audio Handling v1.0

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  • Ian Wade G3NRW
    Apr 21, 2012
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      TS-590S TechNote: SSB Audio Handling v1.0

      I have posted a new TS-590S TechNote on the TS-590S Resources Page.

      The aims of the TechNote are:
      -- To summarize the many features built into the TS-590S for handling
      SSB audio.

      -- To dispel some of the myths and misunderstandings arising from
      Kenwood's inappropriate use of the word "DATA" in its documentation.

      Emphasis is on the *functionality* of the TS-590S, describing what the
      radio does, rather than how to operate it. For the most part, this
      document is not a HOWTO (although it does include step-by-step
      instructions for setting up TX and RX audio equalizer profiles using the
      ARCP-590 control program).

      The TechNote also includes detailed information on how TX keying works,
      insofar as how it determines which audio input the radio uses when

      The document is a long one: 28 pages. Please take the time to read it
      thoroughly. It should present a consistent picture of how this wonderful
      radio works, and will hopefully clear up some of the misconceptions that
      have appeared on the reflectors from time to time.

      I must acknowledge the people who reviewed early drafts of the document:
      Steve London (N2IC), Frank Riley (KK0K), Don Snodgrass (KG9OM), Rob
      Stampfli (KD8WK), Joe Subich (W4TV) and Jose Maria Trueba (EA2JX). Their
      contributions helped me turn the very rough first draft into something
      much more readable. Many thanks gentlemen!

      To download the TechNote, go to the TS-590S Resources Page:


      Scroll down to the "TECHNOTES" section, then click on the link:

      "TS-590S TechNote: SSB Audio Handling".

      As usual, if you find any errors in the document, or anything that isn't
      clear, please get back to me.

      Ian, G3NRW

      The TS-590S Resources Page:
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