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2684V4 -- frequency bug with TS-590S

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  • Ian Wade G3NRW
    Jan 2, 2012
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      You may recall some time ago I suggested you use the "IF" CAT command
      instead of the "FA" command to read the VFO frequency.

      Well, with the TS-590S I have just stumbled across a situation where
      "FA" definitely gives the wrong answer on the V4 frequency display. This
      arises when you select a memory on the radio. The display frequency on
      the radio changes to the stored frequency, *but "FA" does not change*.

      For example, if the VFO was originally at 14.073, then you select 28.073
      from a memory, the V4 frequency display remains at 14.073.

      This is a bug. To fix it, you need to get the frequency with the "IF"
      command instead of "FA". The "IF" command gives you the *displayed*
      frequency, which is not necessarily the same as the VFO frequency. I had
      to read the "PC Control Command Reference Guide" very carefully to
      appreciate the difference.

      Now I understand why Simon HB9DRV uses "IF" not "FA" in HRD.

      I suspect the same bug will apply to other Kenwood radios as well.

      Ian, G3NRW
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