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  • Paul Whitaker
    Dec 28, 2011
      Hi all,
      Its that time of the year - our summer tourist season - lots to do at the
      Drive-In Theatre.

      I am curious about activity on the bands, so will be leaving my system
      running on 14073 ARQ. Please feel free to connect etc. If Im not home, ill
      see the activity in due course, and report by this medium.

      Hope you all have a great 2012.


      Paul Whitaker.

      >To all V4 users,
      >When the program was in its development stage many users showed much
      >enthusiasm for the program and many helped with suggestions to help
      >Rick(KN6KB)in arriving at the final revision. Now that that has been
      >achieved, the usage has dropped off considerably. With the increase in
      >band openings there should be much more activity. Rick has worked
      >extremely hard to give us V4Chat so.... with the new year upon us lets try
      >to rekindle that enthusiasm we all had at the outset.
      >Just my two cents worth.
      >73 and happy New year
      >John, KJ1J
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