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  • Rick Muething
    Dec 12, 2011
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      If you want to send a file (text, .doc, .pdf, .jpg, .xls,  etc.) and you want to do it efficiently then just use RMS Express or BPQ32 peer to peer (WINMOR, Pactor 1,2,3 or Packet) .  The file can be sent as an attachment and multiple files can be sent with the same message. The other benefit of using this method of sending a text file is that with plain text the compression algorithm used (B2F) compresses plain text about 2:1 (virtually doubling the speed).  It also make casual “reading the mail” by monitoring parties difficult...(if you miss any of the compressed file it is very difficult to decompress).  WINMOR and P1, P2 operate at 500 Hz BW and WINMOR 1600 or P3 use 1600-2100 Hz of bandwidth. Wideband is faster but requires a better signal to reach max speed.
      So my suggestion is if you want or need to send files, use  RMS Express or BPQ32 either peer to peer or peer to BBS.  If you want to chat in plain text at typical typing speed and use only 200 Hz of BW use V4.  Forcing V4 into sending specific files to me is a bit like fitting the square peg into the round hole...sort of like sending pictures with RTTY...possible but why not just send a jpeg?
      Rick KN6KB
      Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2011 8:44 PM
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      Well there is a reason why a file transfer is required rather than cut and paste into the main body but I do see your point. Yes it can be done that way. In the environment I am used to, we get handed a text file via a computer link and told send this. Multiply that by a hundred files and you can see why it is easier to just sending a file rather than adding several additional steps. Also, and I know this will sound kind of skirting the issue, but with the text file we are used to we prefer not to send them in a clear form... that the other operator cannot easily peruse. As a text file it's a bit more private...  I can't give you specifics because of some of the confidentiality of some of the groups we work with. It's a unique set of circumstances we work within.
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      maybe i missed something, but couldn't you use the "user files" and
      "paste" options to insert your text file? just precede and follow it
      with a line of "++++"??

      On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 4:53 PM, Paul <mailto:ve9nc%40rac.ca> wrote:
      > In regards to #4 would you entertain a simple file transfer as part of the chat process? The only reason I am asking is that what we need for some Emergency Measure type groups is the ability to simply exchange a text file accurately as well as maintain communications point to point. I have yet to find something that "anyone" can figure out and that's what we are dealing with sometimes in an emergency. In a come as you are scenario if we had a program that we could just type and chat as well as send a text file you'd have my vote. Something that a person can load and use immediately without a huge amount of instruction and so far there is nothing I can find. I know there are programs out there that do just that but they aren't user friendly either.
      > Anyway I am so happy I found V4... it's a lot of fun. And thanks for all your effort Rick.
      > Paul
      > VE9NC
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