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  • Paul Leger
    Dec 11, 2011
      Well there is a reason why a file transfer is required rather than cut and paste into the main body but I do see your point. Yes it can be done that way. In the environment I am used to, we get handed a text file via a computer link and told send this. Multiply that by a hundred files and you can see why it is easier to just sending a file rather than adding several additional steps. Also, and I know this will sound kind of skirting the issue, but with the text file we are used to we prefer not to send them in a clear form... that the other operator cannot easily peruse. As a text file it's a bit more private...  I can't give you specifics because of some of the confidentiality of some of the groups we work with. It's a unique set of circumstances we work within.
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      maybe i missed something, but couldn't you use the "user files" and
      "paste" options to insert your text file? just precede and follow it
      with a line of "++++"??

      On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 4:53 PM, Paul <ve9nc@...> wrote:
      > In regards to #4 would you entertain a simple file transfer as part of the chat process? The only reason I am asking is that what we need for some Emergency Measure type groups is the ability to simply exchange a text file accurately as well as maintain communications point to point. I have yet to find something that "anyone" can figure out and that's what we are dealing with sometimes in an emergency. In a come as you are scenario if we had a program that we could just type and chat as well as send a text file you'd have my vote. Something that a person can load and use immediately without a huge amount of instruction and so far there is nothing I can find. I know there are programs out there that do just that but they aren't user friendly either.
      > Anyway I am so happy I found V4... it's a lot of fun. And thanks for all your effort Rick.
      > Paul
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