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2623Re: [V4Protocol] Re: V4 and V4Chat in 2011

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  • Rick Muething
    Dec 12, 2011
      Just to bring to your attention if you didn’t already know:
      1) You can send any text file currently. Just go to “User Files, Paste and send...then navigate to the file you wish to send.  It must be a text file (not a .doc or .pdf ...but you can easily change those to .txt).  Click on the file and it will paste it into the outbound queue and send.  If you are doing emergency work or special forms that file should probably have some preamble info that tells what it is, what it should be used for etc... so the receiver knows what to do with it.
      2) On Receive all received text is simply put into the main receive window (and logged to the V4Chat log). But you can currently Copy that text to the clipboard (highlight in the main receive window and right click) and then past that into any text editor and save as a file. A little cumbersome but useable.
      To be able to send and receive actual files would require developing a specially formatted file header and footer (so the receiving station would be able to detect the text that is the transmitted file, get the file name etc). That is certainly possible and I will put that on the list to look at later.
      Of course sending files should ALWAYS be via ARQ...there is no guarantee FEC transmission alone will arrive error free or complete.
      Rick KN6KB
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