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2592Linux Port?

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  • Rick Muething
    Dec 1, 2011
      I am still interested in supporting/encouraging a port of the V4 TNC and possibly V4Chat to Linux.  I will send the Microsoft  VB.NET 2010 source with the only requirement being it must not be released for commercial purposes.  I have had some interest in this effort but no real indication of solid progress...It is definitely not a 2 weekend project!
      Some thoughts and requirements:
      The Mono utility http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page  may be able to help with some of the translation to Linux but there are some possible difficult areas:
              1) The .NET version uses MS Direct X and Direct Sound to setup and control the sound card.  Those will not likely translate so you will have to generate the following for Linux:
                  a) Enumerate the installed Sound capture and Playback devices
                  b) Setup the sound capture device to 48000 sample/sec, monophonic, 16 bits/sample
                  c) Setup a playback mechanism (12000 samples/sec, 16 bit mono) with a .wav file or (preferred) .wav stream (basically a FIFO .wav file in RAM)
             2) There is some tight timing constraints requiring multiple threads and  fairly accurate timing (10s of ms)
             3) You will need to implement the current third party TCP controls (now nSoftware IPWorks) probably using native Linux client/server TCP ports.
             4) The client program will need to control the radio PTT and possibly radio control if all functionality of V4 Chat is desired. Reliance on existing radio control programs will probably not work due to tight timing constraints of PTT apply and release.
      The Linux version should be tested against the Windows version (developing some standardized test suite) to insure compatibility with the Windows version and the proper implementation of the V4 Protocol.
      The Linux version needs to be documented. Help, user docs, etc.
      The Linux version needs to be supported (user questions, updates, enhancements etc.)
      As I said I will offer to help, explain and coach but I don’t have the Linux experience, time or resources to do the port and support it myself. If I had to guess I would say one is looking at an effort in the range of 2-4 man months of work providing they are reasonably Linux proficient and know how to do multi threading with real time constraints.  If you are serious about such an effort and commitment contact me directly at rmuethingATcfl.rr.com.
      Rick KN6KB