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2591Re: [V4Protocol] ADIF

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  • Rick Muething
    Dec 1 10:02 AM
      Glad to see my request for inclusion of “V4” as a recognized ADIF mode was accepted. 
      The next V4Chat release will include a slight modification of the ADIF header indicating it is 3.00 compliant and include information on the program and version generating it along with the STATION_CALLSIGN field as suggested in ADIF 3.0.0.
      I have not yet heard any reports or problems on the automatic (if Autosend GS is checked in the Setup menu) sending and logging of the local grid square in Version  When checked this should generate an automatic entry into the ADIF log of the GRIDSQUARE parameter at the receiving end.  The intent is this will make it easy to process the ADIF log for contests etc.
      Rick KN6KB
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