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2554Re: [V4Protocol] Re: Release of V4Chat and V4 TNC

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  • Rick Muething
    Nov 13, 2011
      The Article is a good idea. I would be willing to help and co author with someone else.  The earlier papers I wrote on V4 for DCC were pretty technical...what is probably needed now is a more “hands on” how do I set it up and use it type of article.

      Another promotional Idea I had was some type of contest.  In a near future release I plan to  include a simple  mechanism for automatically  exchanging grid squares on a V4 ARQ QSO.  We could use that  and V4Chat’s standard ADIF log to make it easy to  submit and “score” a V4 contest.   It would emphasize the accuracy of the V4 ARQ and the efficiency of exchanging and logging basic QSO data.  Those that are more familiar with contesting could help set this up.
      Rick KN6KB
      From: ham
      Sent: Sunday, November 13, 2011 5:38 PM
      Subject: [V4Protocol] Re: Release of V4Chat and V4 TNC


      Not a problem. The ICOM fix is a "nice to have"

      V4 Chat is fully functional as is.

      Now we need some promotional work. Anyone willing to write an article for QST or CQ?

      73, Bernie

      --- In mailto:V4Protocol%40yahoogroups.com, "Rick Muething" <rmuething@...> wrote:

      > Bernie,
      > Bug fixing priority is based on a number of things:
      > 1) How
      serious is it?
      > 2) How many users does it effect? (there aren’t too
      many 735 users now days)
      > 3) Do I have the resources to easily fix
      it...e.g. I don’t have access to a 735 myself so fixes to that end up being totally trial and error often requiring many iterations of me making a change, trying to capture more info on the effect of the change, and having some one else run the test.
      > 4) How much time I have to devote to the project and
      the type of bug fix. Right now I am pretty busy with several projects. Remember this is all volunteer work often 20 + hours a week or more.
      > I
      have the 735 bug and the readback from Yaesu radios on my list as well as a few others but I needed to get this release out since it affected almost every user since it had to do with some marginal timing situations. The net result is more reliable operation for most users.
      > 73,
      > Rick
      > From: ham
      > Sent: Sunday, November 13,
      2011 2:36 PM
      > To:
      > Subject: [V4Protocol] Re: Release of V4Chat and V4 TNC
      > The issue with the ICOM 735 changing filter
      options is still there.
      > I suppose this bug is still on the low
      priority list?
      > Upgrade went perfectly.
      > 73,
      > > >
      > > > I am still working on some
      issues with readback of the frequency data on Yaesu radios.
      > > >

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