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1799Re: [V4Protocol] Re: V4 GUI improvement proposal

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  • Rick Muething
    Sep 8, 2011
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      Thanks for the inputs. I am cleaning up some additions now that should be useful and don’t clutter up the display much. e.g. Rx and Tx throughput measurements  shown on the V4Chat form (1 minute rolling average) .  I think users will find this helpful
      Re the IRS ability to interrupt (grab back the ISS status while the ISS is sending data). This is technically possible but I am not sure I understand  the need and it can easily add confusion... e.g. what do you do with the buffered unsent outbound data at the ISS?  Dump it?,  Keep it for the next time it is the ISS etc.  These are important details that if not implemented well and consistently will likely confuse the user.
      The unattended station issue should not a factor here. An unattended station will never generate outbound data so the IRS can always “force the link around” by simply typing data to send. If the unattended station were the ISS it would be sending IDLs (until timeout occurred) so the IRS does not have to “interrupt” the ISS.  
      V4 Chat is not really intended for unattended operation. There are other sound card protocols (e.g. WINMOR) that are specifically designed for message transfer and would be a better choice for unattended operation.
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